Side sleeper about to DYI, please advise!

HI Latex Mattress Factory, I think I posted in the wrong section previously. , I’ve been reading for some time, and trying to place a order soon. Im 5’9 185, square shape mostly in the middle/shoulders. Fiance is 5’3 160, mostly in the hips and curvy. Both side sleepers, and sometimes I sleep on my stomach with no pillow. We currently have a Sleep Innovations 12" Mattress that is 11 years old. It has 2.5 and 9.5 layers, but I dont know the ILD. The mattress is medium-firm according to the description.

Why are we upgrading?

I sleep very hot, and we never used a mattress cover so its a bit stained. The comfort levels seem fine with this setup.

I was considering the following:

Latex Topper 3"
8" Elite Edge Pocket Coil
1" HD36 Foam

I’m wondering if i should be considering a transition layer, or if the selected products are less than ideal. Thank you!

Thank you

Hello LCO80

Thank you so much for reaching out! Based on the information you have so kindly provided, I would agree that a 3" latex layer over an 8" pocket coil unit should work just fine. The pocketed coils works two ways; they offer contour due to the individually wrapped coils. And they also are the support in the mattress. Because of this, in most cases you don’t need a transition layer when placing latex over pocketed coils.
For most customers that weigh 180lbs and under, we recommend a 3" soft for your comfort layer, in either Talalay or Dunlop. A Talalay soft will provide a slightly softer and more plush feel compared to a Dunlop soft, but both are going to offer plenty of contour. At 185lbs, if you prefer a more supportive feel, I recommend a medium layer for your side. Should you decide on a medium, you can split your comfort layer so that your wife can have a soft on her side and you can go with the medium on your side.

Should you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to call our office as well. Thank you again, have a wonderful weekend!

Latex Mattress Factory

Thanks for the prompt response! I ran a bmi calculator and thought we were similar. To be clear to may need a medium And she needs a soft? Can a split be done with a queen sized bed?

I clicked on the link for 5% discount, how do I find the code?

Think I can help you out here… I believe LMF can provide you with a split comfort layer build in a queen size mattress, Regarding their discount code details: 5% off mattresses Discount Code: MUG5 Website:

Hope that helps!

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MUG5 discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart


Discount code is just MUG. I had the same issue before as you did. TMU needs to update the discount code for LMF.

Hi everyone, I’m terribly sorry for the confusion! The coupon code was supposed to be MUG, but I just added MUG5 to our website so both are working now. They apply to everything except for our wood foundations and adjustable bases. Thanks for brining the issue to our attention, and sorry again!

Can you please apply it to order 8957?

Yes that’s no problem! I’ll refund $36.05 tomorrow evening (sorry but our website makes us wait 24 hours before we can refund new orders) and I’ll email you as soon as the refund is processed.

Are people generally happy with a 8"+3" latex setup?I noticed that higher end beds have more than 2 layers. I’m now wondering if I should proactively pick up a small transition layer, either online or locally. This way we can add it if things feel immediately off. Its costly but Id rather error on the safe side.

Current setup (being delivered on the 22nd)

12" sleep on latex stretch cover
1" foam base
8" QE
3" Talay soft.

perhaps we can move the 1" base to (outside the encasement) and consider a 1-1.5" transition layer between the latex and coils?

Hoping for any advice…

Hello LCO80

Thank you for reaching out! Most of our customers that order the 3" comfort layer over the 8" Quantum Edge coils are indeed happy with the overall comfort/support. In most cases, a transition layer is not necessary for this particular mattress build. The reason for this is the fact that most people only need a 3" comfort layer on top to achieve both contour and pressure relief, while the coils below provide not only the support you will need, but because they are individually wrapped coils, they allow for some contour into the mattress as well. This combination of a comfort layer over pocket coils is similar to what a transition layer will offer when building an all-latex mattress. Our Quantum Edge inner coils are rated 16 gauge and outer coils are 15 gauge. The inner coils are the sleep surface coils, and the outer coils are for edge support. The larger the gauge number, the softer the feel. 16 gauge coils are ideal for that ‘transition’ feel that our customers are looking for.
Should you have additional questions, or would like to discuss over the phone, please don’t hesitate to call our office. We are available 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm PT. Thanks again and good luck with your mattress build! Please come back and let us know what you have decided on, as well as how it is working out for you. Happy Holidays!


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