silk mattress topper/protector

We have a combo cotton/waterproof membrane mattress protector. It’s ok but I’ve been tempted by the mulberry silk mattress toppers. We live in California and I tend to sleep hot, and silk is reputed to be more breathable. There’s some cheaper ones on amazon and ebay ($80 and $145). Anyone have any experience with them or have a brand you could recommend that would not break the bank.

Silk is a great material, but I would be reluctant to recommend it as a mattress pad/topper. It usually cannot be machine washed or dried, and that could prove costly to keep sanitary. You might want to consider washable wool. It is available through many retailers both brick and mortar, and online. Wool is quite good for wicking moisture and can be made washable without losing that temperature regulating benefit. Costs can vary wildly on this but ~$150-170 in the queen is pretty fair.

Silk can be hotter because its a hollow fiber. That’s why they use it for winter long underwear.

Hi valli,

While bedding is not my area of expertise … you can read a little more about silk mattress pads or toppers in post #2 here and in post #10 here and the links they include. Like wool silk is very good at controlling humidity and the sleeping microclimate and can regulate temperature in both directions.

There’s also an interesting video here about layered mulberry silk (as opposed to silk fleece) even though it’s more about comforters than toppers.

Post #6 here has a brief comment about wool and silk from one of the members here who is one of the most knowledgeable experts on bedding materials that I know.