Similar bed to Pure Latex Bliss Nature recs?

My husband and I are looking for a replacement of our broken (crappy) bed.

We’ve tested the Pure Latex Bliss Nature (new version) + 3 inch topper and absolutely LOVE it. Tried it out several random days, each for 15- 30 minutes. Local place to us, in LA, has the Queen for ~$3.4k, which is a bit too high for what I’m hoping to pay (but if there truly isn’t an alternate, I’d suck it up and pay, sighs).

Alternative suggestions? I’m a 5’4" 115lb, and husband is 6’2" 240lb. We both sleep on our sides, and have back and shoulder pain. That’s also attributed by the fact that we have desk jobs. The PLB nature + topper is perfect for me, and almost perfect for husband (PLB Beautiful + topper is perfect for husband as he has huge shoulders, but Nature is pretty good though. For reference, Tempurpedic cloud supreme is also perfect for both of us… but we aren’t fans of memory foam heating up.

I’ve checked sleepez, but not sure of what firmness to check each layer :unsure: . Can someone please help?

Hi spacecarrot,

I’m not sure if the price you quoted includes the foundation but I’ll list a few suggestions that may be helpful in any case.

There is a list of manufacturers in the Los Angeles area in post #2 here which may be worth talking to on the phone to see how close they could come to the layering of the PLB Nature.

Another possibility would be to order the latex layers separately along with a similar cover which could also be very close. For example if you ordered all the layers from Sleep Like a Bear the same layering would be …

2" Celsion … $ 430
2" 28 ILD Talatech … $ 383
6" 36 ILD Talatech … $ 975

3" 14 ILD topper with cover … $ 710

Bamboo unquilted mattress cover $ 171

Total … $2669

Note the cover here is not the same and there are other good quality covers available that may be more.

As far as I know these are the correct ILD’s for the Nature (and I’m assuming you are considering the Talatech topper rather than the Active Fusion topper which would be slightly more) but you may want to phone Pure Latex bliss first just to make sure because they have recently been providing the ILD’s of their layers to consumers.

This is also an example from only one supplier which is often more costly than some others and many of these layers (or very similar) may be available for less at some of the other suppliers listed in post #4 here.

The queen PLB topper is also available here for example for $469 (reducing the cost by $241).

A search online at places such as this (and others) may also turn up some lower prices for the mattress itself than the local option you are looking at (which they may match if they are higher).

One caution I would advise is that this mattress/topper system would have quite a thick and soft upper layer (2" of 21 ILD and 3" of 14 ILD) which in many cases may be risky for your alignment (especially for your husband’s weight) and 14 ILD latex won’t be as durable as firmer versions of the same material … especially with heavier weights as well. There are several examples of forum members and others who have purchased the Beautiful without a topper (which has a firmer 3" of 19 and 3" of 24 ILD layers than the combination you are considering) because it was so comfortable in a showroom but then realized when they slept on it that it didn’t provide the support/alignment they needed because the comfort layers were too thick and soft for their body type and sleeping styles so I would make sure that you tested this specifically to make sure that the support and your spinal alignment was suitable for you before you pulled the trigger.

Some of the manufacturers in post #21 here may also be able to make you a mattress with similar layering but they will tend not to use the 14 ILD latex and you may need to order the topper separately if you want latex this soft as part of your sleeping system. A 3" 19 ILD topper of the same material would be available for a fair bit less (see here for example) and would be soft enough for most people although it’s firmer than the ultra soft 14 ILD PLB version.

There are some good quality foundation options if you need one in the foundation thread here.

So hopefully this will give you some ideas that may not in every case be an exact copy but may be quite close and could possibly save you a substantial amount but of course only you can decide if the extra research and putting together your own DIY version of the Nature is worth it to you.


I went through the same situation except I found that the old PLB white top was all that was available in my area, and the Nutrition was the one that I/we liked. We tried the PLB topper, but essentially if you have any weight at all you just crush right through it. Actually I didn’t try it she did and she’s not but 135# guesstimate.

I faced a dilemna because I had a known commodity (PLB) at an outstanding price ($1500 queen set new) but teh only thing lacking was teh ability to open up and change out layers down the road when they started to get tired.

In the end I went with SleepEZ’s 130000 and configured myself. I put up a review, but my review is primarily based on teh buying experience and initial impressions as we have only been on it for 4 nights now. I think any true review needs to have 6 months to 1 yr and 3-5 year follow ups etc

My 3 yr old failed Stearns/Sealy is getting warranted and will be relegated to being used as a guest bed. If I had it my way I would probably buy the PLB nutrition as well and have it as another guest bed/backup due to the price. Not sure I want to put the Grandson(s) on a queen bed though so we’ll probably keep the twin bed for now.