Simmons Beautyrest Napa Valley II is sinking deep. The tech won't replace it. What can I do now?

So I paid over $1500 for this King sized mattress a year ago and now it’s worthless to me because of the back pain the sinking has caused. I called sears to get it replaced and the tech told me that sinking is normal due to the cheap latex being used.

I really need to sleep. Is there a way to fix this issue? Can I just remove the plush pillow top with the latex top and sew it back together?

Here is the mattress:


Hi mikejones,

The salesman is not giving you good information. The reasons that mattresses like this sag and develop impressions isn’t the better ingredients (like latex) but the worse ones (like the lower quality polyfoam that is in this mattress). Lower density polyfoam like the so called “soya based foam” (which is still polyfoam) is the weak link in these types of mattresses not the minimal amounts of higher quality materials they use like latex. If you look at the law tag you will see that polyfoam makes up the majority of the materials in your mattress and not the latex (and the law tag is by weight and by thickness there would be even less latex).

This is the reason I generally recommend avoiding all major brands and for the guidelines that are in this article.

Warranties are also a marketing tool because the most important reason that people need to replace their mattress is the loss of comfort or support and neither are covered by a warranty. Warranties have next to nothing to do with how long a mattress will last for any particular person. Only knowing the details of the layers in a mattress can give an idea of the quality of a mattress and the major manufacturers don’t readily supply this if they do at all.

So you could certainly do mattress surgery and remove all the lower quality polyfoam (keep any latex which is a premium and more durable material) and replace it with better quality foam. This lower quality foam will be in both the pillowtop and in the mattress below it. Some of it (the higher density polyfoam deeper in the mattress) may still be OK. You can also buy mattress covers that can enclose your new mattress as well (post #4 here has a list of DIY components including zip mattress covers). This can be quite a challenge to learn enough to know what materials you need and prefer so you can make the best “replacements” that fit your budget but in many cases it’s can be less expensive than starting all over again with a new high quality mattress.

In some cases … there may be a local manufacturer that is willing to rebuild the mattress for you as well.


Wow this response is excellent.

Thank you kind sir!