Simmons Comforpedic Fiji

First, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to make this website. My girlfriend and I went and tested a number of different beds. We decided that a plush memory foam bed was what felt best to us.

I wanted to ask you your professional opinion on the Simmons Comforpedic Fiji bed. I have attached the link to the bed on the Simmons website.

Any feedback you could give would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks a ton!

Hi GatorBait,

I can understand why this mattress may be an attractive choice for you because I am also a fan of latex/memory foam combinations in terms of feel (although my preferences would tend towards more latex and less memory foam).

The “quick” version is that it’s a national brand so the odds are overwhelming that the value of this mattress is poor compared to many other options that use similar or better materials at a lower price.

The specifics would look like this …

The layer by layer breakdown of the mattress is here (among other places under different names).

From the top down in terms of materials.

The 1" of gel memory foam would give you a slightly cooler top layer than some other memory foams. They don’t say the specific type of gel memory foam they use (does it have particles or is the gel part of the memory foam polymer matrix, how much gel is in it, what is the density of the foam) but lets assume for the moment that it’s good material since it’s only an inch.

Under that is 2" of 5.5 lb breathable advanced NXG memory foam. This is good quality material.

Under that is 1.5" of 3.5 lb memory foam (this is poor quality low density memory foam). Because it’s deeper in the mattress and under the higher quality memory foam and gel … it will not warm up as easily so will act firmer than it really is … at least until some heat gets to it over the course of the night. I would also consider this to be the “weakest link” of the mattress.

Under that is 1" of 14/19 ILD latex. This is high quality talalay latex that is very soft.

Under that is 8" of 2.0 lb polyfoam. This is “average” quality polyfoam (tempurpedic for example uses better 2.2 lb polyfoam in their mattresses) and the transflexion means that it has been pre-compressed so it will have less initial softening or “breakin”. 30 ILD is an “average” ILD (firmness) for a support layer. Firmness is not an indicator of quality but of the suitability of the support of a mattress for an individual. The foam surrounding the support core is a high density (unknown density but likely similar to the 2.0 lb foam) but firmer foam to give extra support on the edges of the mattress (mostly for sitting).

The stretch knit removeable cover is a good option that would not interfere with the qualities of the upper memory foam layers but I didn’t search out whether this was a natural or synthetic fiber material.

So overall … this is a mattress which would be quite soft, average support, and uses a mix of good quality, medium quality, and low quality materials. There would also be a risk IMO that this mattress may keep you in alignment at the beginning of the night but that you would gradually sink in more deeply over the course of the night and wake up out of alignment as the memory foam gradually softened and your heavier parts sank in more. Of course this would depend on the height/weight, body shape, and sleeping positions of a particular individual so it would be a “risk” not a certainty.

Considering the “mixed” quality of the materials in the mattress … I certainly don’t think it justifies the outrageous price. In this price range there is so much better out there that uses at least as high quality or better materials at significantly better prices and that provides the same or better levels of pressure relief, support, and preferences that were “perfect” for you that I personally wouldn’t consider this as a reasonable option in terms of value (even though value in the end is a subjective choice).

This would also be the case with almost every major brand mattress and most of the mattresses sold at chain stores compared to better options available at smaller manufacturers who sell either factory direct or through smaller sleep shops. This is the reason behind the general guidelines here (which can save someone from “analyzing” many mattresses and coming to the same “value” conclusion).

If you let me know the city you live in I’d be happy to take a look and see if I know of any better options that may be worth looking at and comparing in your area.


Great. I love in Delray Beach, Fl. I aprreciate your help!

Hi GatorBait,

You have some very good choices in terms of factory direct manufacturers within a reasonable distance of you that make a wide variety of higher quality and value mattresses which include memory foam and latex options.

Post #2 here should help :slight_smile:


Do you have any recommendations of who i can call?

Hi GatorBait,

In the last post I linked to a post which has a list of local manufacturers in your area (it’s at the bottom of the post). I would call these (or at least the ones that are closest to you) and talk with them about your preferences (memory foam and latex over a polyfoam support core) and what they may have that would be similar.

I would visit the ones that seemed to offer choices using these materials, that were in the price range you wanted, and that seemed the most knowledgeable, helpful, and promising based on your phone calls.