Question. Many years ago, we purchased a Simmons Deepsleep queen mattress set for my daughter. It’s now time to replace it and she wants the identical mattress. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything with that name anymore. Any idea how I can find something that is similar? Thanks.

Hi hanza11,

The only way to know this would be to know the coils and layers that were in the Deepsleep and match them to another mattress. Of course this isn’t possible.

Simmons still makes the DeepSleep brand (as you can see on their Canadian site here) but of course they would have changed and they use a different coil and none of the current models would match your daughters mattress anyway. You may find something in the BeautySleep line which are available in the US which may feel similar for your daughter but only she would know if the subjective “feel” of a particular mattress felt the same to her.

Perhaps not knowing is a blessing in disguise because none of the major brands make good value mattresses anyway compared to many smaller regional and local manufacturers and there are many better alternatives which would have a similar feel and much better quality and value.