Site trouble?

I’m trying to reply to a prior posting (under the “latex breakin period” topic I posted yesterday). The site keeps telling me to log in, but won’t allow me to. Yet I am clearly logged in or else I couldn’t post this message.

try using a different browser. somtimes the site doesn’t work for me in chrome - but it works better in internet explorer.

Hi swami,

There is some combination of session times, cache memory, and browser (or in some cases browser addons) that seems to cause issues for some people.

I’ve been working on a software upgrade/migration over the last few months to a different version of Joomla which I’m hopeful may solve some of these issues once it’s done (which is the reason I shut the site down over the last couple of nights) but most people seem to find a way around them (such as you finding a way to post) even though it’s frustrating.


when i had a forum i used PHPBB and i haven’t experienced these type of problems. i still hated it though because i was bombarded with spam forum registrations - eventually i had to disable registration altogether ( set to manual registration ) - and then i just gave up and shut it down.

i wonder if VBulletin is any better in this respect … but i believe it is not free, in fact far from it

never heard about Joomla …

is it even possible to migrate a forum from one software to another ? or only to upgrade it to a newer version ? i had my PHPBB forum upgraded to a newer version and it was rather painless even for a moron like me who is pretty horrible at anything that has to do with web or even home networks …

Hi g1981c,

Phpbb and vBulletin are both good forum platforms but the site uses Kunena (which hosts some very large forums with hundreds of thousands of members) and the CMS is Joomla (which is also used by some very large corporate sites and is one of the most popular and highly supported open source platforms in the world). They are both open source.

Unfortunately … I don’t think that either of them by themselves are the issue and issues like these are usually a combination of factors including some of the add ons or modules that the site uses and the Template and how they interact in combination with traffic and memory useage on the server (which is Linux based).

When I was on a shared server … the site was experiencing high memory useage (too high for a shared server) at times of peak traffic so I switched to a VPS server which is more costly but has more memory available but unfortunately that hasn’t solved some of the issues. The memory issues is why I enabled various combinations of caches on the site and that in combination with session times can cause issues.

Just now for example there were 600 people on the site and the lag times were increasing and I actually received a 500 error and I had to disable a module that I know consumes resources until the traffic is reduced. I may even have to go to a dedicated server until I can either track down the source of the memory issues (or the component combinations that are causing them) or I complete some other software changes that I have been working on for quite some time which are also not an easy challenge for someone that a couple of years ago when i started the site knew very little at all about building websites.

Like mattresses … software issues usually don’t have simple answers and can sometimes be a process of eliminating possibilities one small step at a time :slight_smile:


i would smile but i’m not sure if the forum rules allow !