Sitting up/reading in bed

Ok, I have a question. I am almost ready to purchase a Sleep EZ mattress. I posted a couple of questions on a post by Sleepy1 re: the 7000 earlier today and i think they got lost in the shuffle. This is a different question.

I tested a Savvy Rest (like the Sleep Ez 10000) laying down, but didn’t think to sit on it as I would and do for prolonged periods of time when studying. I am in college for the long haul and spend hours studying in bed many evenings a week. Can anyone tell me what kind of support these latex mattresses have when sitting?


Hi KareninKC,

I think (hope) I’ve answered your questions in the other thread. It sometimes take a while to get through all the forum posts and sometimes an active thread with lots of back and forth takes me a while to get to (it puts the posts higher up the timeline and often delays the reply which I usually do in the order of the last post in a thread. :slight_smile:

Latex mattresses are very supportive but are also very “point elastic” which means that each area compresses with less effect on the area around it than polyfoam and the area around the compression has less effect on the area that is being compressed. Of course it also depends on the type of latex (Dunlop gets firmer faster than Talalay as you compress into it deeper) but depending on the type and ILD of the latex you may sink into it a little more than less “point elastic” materials like polyfoam if your weight is more concentrated in a smaller area. It would also depend on how you sit and on whether you had an adjustable bed or some other method of support when you were sitting or whether all your weight was concentrated on your bum with nothing supporting the rest of your body. Posts #131 and 132 here talk more about this and some options that some people may choose who use their bed a lot for sitting and don’t have an adjustable bed which for most people would be the ideal for this.


Hi again, I saw this thread :smiley: - I would like to add that it would be quite easy to DIY a 6-8" custom foam headboard which might be more elegant than my solution. I had gotten rid of a queen bed setup with brass headboard though and needed a headboard for a full size bed so put on my thinking cap. I read, watch movies, chat online, do hobbies and have a laptop near my bed HMM

I’d make a thick foam headboard- sturdily butted up against the bed, at least 6" thick and covered with fabric to match the room if I did not already have my $45.00 each (back when) Costco bi-fold camp mats which equal approx 9" foam plus their covering when folded - the depth of an old style walnut bookcase headboard at least; remember THOSE anyone? :wink: - … An extra firm gussetted pillow (that is too firm to sleep on) plus your regular pillow works for support for the back and that takes more of the pressure off the bum though I also lean forward and sit cross legged sometimes too. I have a plush throw over the mats and it all looks fine and would be great for student, frequent mover, studio apartment…

The mats are still available but are at least $15.00 more now but maybe an old memory foam mattress could be cut up and repurposed by the DIY’er (might turn the foam around).

The disadvantage of a very deep head board is the required extra space for the overall length of the bed. In my case I not only have it but use a tall1940s leather top coffee table at end of bed for setting extra bedding and clothes and this keeps the mattress from shifting too.

Hope this helps!