Six Month Update

We have had our Pure Latex Bliss bed (Nature) for nearly six months and we absolutely love it. It has softened a little bit but not to any major extent. We both get a goods nights sleep. We were in the middle of a heat wave when we got it and we weren’t at all hot. We have had many below zero nights this winter. It does seem like it takes the bed longer to warm up than our previous bed ( we use a heated blanket and mattress pad). We got latex pillows when we bought the bed. The all natural ones have softened considerably. The blended ones not at all. There is nothing about the mattress I would change. If I were doing it again I would buy the low profile box spring because our bed frame is tall and the combo is just a tad bit too tall.

Thank you Phoenix for all your guidance when we trying to decide. It is a great feeling to have made a decision and have no regrets.


Hi Wavycat,

Thanks for taking the time to share your update and experience on the Nature … and it’s great to see that you and your mattress are getting along so well :slight_smile: