Sleep Ez 10000

i just received the sleep ez 10000. All blended talalay for 3 layers. Firm/Medium/Soft. i received the 5% discount for being a member of this site.
everything was received in good condition in a few days. the pillows and the cover are very nice.
slept on the bed for the first time last night. it seemed like i was sleeping on top of the bed and the mattress feels too hard. does anybody else have the same problem?
I am a side sleeper, 180 lbs.
is the blended talalay from sleepez more firmer than a natural talalay?
what could be done in terms of exchanging layers to get a softer comfort layer?
any help would be appreciated

Hi rayla,

The most important thing I would suggest to start with is to first sleep on it long enough to know for certain what if anything may need to change. The first few days or first few weeks are part of an adjustment period that you will go through that is part of every new mattress … especially if it is different than you are used to and your body has a “sleeping memory” from an old mattress. How a new mattress feels in a few weeks after you purchase it is much more indicative of how it will feel for you in the long term. If you make changes too quickly … then you may be taking the risk of never allowing your body to “catch up” to the changes in your sleeping system before you change it once again.

No matter which combination of layers you chose … you will find that some will find it too soft and some too hard and for most it will be just right (if the layer recommendations were based on “averages”). No matter how you experience it … there will be others who feel the same way and this is part of the value of layer exchanges so that it can “fit” for you no matter how others may feel about the same layering.

Both the blended and the natural talalay come in a wide range of ILD’s (softness firmness levels) so which would be softer or firmer would depend more on the ILD of each layer you were comparing. In the same ILD … the blended may feel a little softer for some although most wouldn’t notice any difference in a single layer and this would also depend on what was under or over the layer and on what they defined as “soft” (this is different for different people).

The first step is alwaya to sleep on any combination long enough to know for certain what changes would be most beneficial for you. A few days experience has too many variables and is not usually enough of a “pattern” to make effective choices for a layer exchange.

The second step would be to call SleepEz if you decided you wanted to exchange a layer and discuss what choices may be best for you to bring you closer to your “ideal” based on your experience on the mattress. Your input along with their suggestions will be the most effective way to make a choice. They will send you the new layer and then you send them back the old. It’s basically as simple as that :slight_smile:

In some cases … the most effective “change” may be more “fine tuning” and can involve a choice of mattress protector, mattress pad, or topper depending on what you need to change.


thank you for your comments. i do have split layers for this Cal king mattress.
i will follow your recommendations. to make the bed feel softer should i be trying the soft/medium/medium as my next step instead of soft/medium/firm ?
thank you

Hi rayla,

Yes … I would try the two mediums on the bottom although the top layer (which is already the softest of their “standard” layers) will play the biggest role in the softness that you feel. While changing the deeper layers will make some difference … the deeper the layers the less they will contribute to a more significant change in “feel” although some people will feel this more than others.

Another option if you have the layer available would be to change the second “medium” layer for a soft although this would be quite a bit softer than most people would prefer and I would make sure that your alignment was OK with a layering this soft and thick … but each person is unique in their needs and preferences and what may “work” for them. If it does turn out that you need something softer than the “soft” you already have … then they could probably custom order a “plush” which is 19 ILD and softer than their standard layers. You could also add a 1-2" topper which used softer latex as well if you really do need more softness.

The goal with changes … even if you are re-arranging layers … is to go very slowly and give each combination at least a few days before making any more changes.


We are ordering a sleepez 10000 organic, based on a lot of research - here and elsewhere.

I’ll let you know how it works out for us.

Hi Tsweder,

Congratulations on your new mattress … and I think you made a great choice.

I’m looking forward to your report when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.