Sleep EZ 1300 After 4 Months Maybe Need a Change

Well first off let me say that Sleep EZ has been nothing but awesome in their customer service. They originally did not ship out the foundation I ordered, but quickly fixed the problem. Overall they have been great.

Now to the mattress. I purchased the 13000 Queen in X-Firm, Firm, M, & S w/ the cotton cover. Overall the mattress is awesome. However, I’m now beginning to think it is too firm. I sleep mainly on my side and a little on my back. I’ve noticed I’ve been waking up with whichever arm I’m sleeping on being numb.

I’m 26, 6ft, 185lbs. Athletic/muscular build (32 waist). So originally I thought this setup would work. Now I’m thinking I need to switch one of the layers. I’m also thinking the cotton cover adds somewhat to the overall firmness of the mattress.

I’m about to contact sleepez about the cover anyway. I washed it and the stitching is ripping in several areas. So now I’m wondering if I should go ahead and ask to switch out a layer.


Hi BlackOutUT,

I think this is the best option that I would suggest. SleepEz takes the approach that once you are a customer, you are a customer for life and they will always go out of their way to provide help, suggestions, and options to any of their customers no matter how long it’s been since they purchased their mattress.

It seems to me that you are a little outside of the norm based on your height and weight and the layering of your mattress but your own personal experience is always the reference point to go by instead of any 'theory" that may apply to others but not you.

There are some changes that can help you soften the mattress (replacing layers with softer versions) and a more stretchy cover (vs the wool quilted version) may help with this as well but I think a more extended conversation with Shawn that can go into more detail and explore your options will likely be the best … and most successful approach.

One other thing that may or may not be making a difference is the type of mattress protector you are using (some of them will interfere more with the compression of the latex than others)

Thanks for the update … and I hope you have the chance to let us know what happens next :slight_smile:


Happy to hear you are happy with you mattress.

If I could ask why you decided to go with 13000 over the 10000? I am about to make purchase from sleepez and i am torn between the two… I am 5’10 280lb and want to make sure i don’t “bottom out”


Thanks for the response. I actually spoke with Shawn ( I believe) when I purchased the mattress. He was very helpful and this was the setup we agreed on. However, I know everyone is different. The cover I’m using is the one provided by sleep EZ. I do feel it as though it interferes with the compression of the latex.

My common sense thought would be to go with either a x-firm, M, S, S or a X-firm, Firm, S, S setup. I’m not really sure if I should try and switch the cover for a thinner version, or just keep the same one.

I will note that because the cover is currently damaged, it is off the bed. I simply have a down conforter between my sheet for a little protection. The mattress seems slightly less firm. I originally chose this cover over the other because I was worried about the thinner version being too hot. Anyway, not sure what to go with.

To Aron82e:

In all honesty I just had a “what the hell” kind of mentality. I was already spending a substantial amount of money, and compared to the overall price, it was minimal to go up to the 1300. It also offers a little more versatility. That being said, I think with your weight it would benefit you to go with the 1300.