Sleep EZ 13000 - do these layers sound Ok for my weight?

I’m 250#, 5’ 11". almost 62yo and in reasonable health though do have sleep apnea and some back issues from playing hockey and getting illegally checked a long time ago.

I sleep a bit like a fish flipping and turning a lot and am hoping all the great things I have read about Latex beds work for me.

I’m mostly a side sleeper, some on my stomach if my arms hurt from sleeping in my side or I wake up and need to reposition. And if I for some reason am pretty relaxed then I do like to sleep on my back some and would like to sleep on my back more, but usually don’t last there long reverting to my left side more than my right.

I just ordered a Sleep EZ 13000 queen with the following 4 organic all natural Talalay layers - XtraFirm, Firm, Medium, Medium per suggestion from Shawn at Sleep EZ, who btw is the owner’s son. Shawn suggested I was too heavy for the soft and it would only last 2-3 years and clearly recommneded the top two layers be Medium and Medium.

Thanks for any input if this choice makes sense or not as the order has not yet shipped but will soon I would imagine.

Btw, I’m putting the mattress on a Reverie Deluxe ( adjustable bed if anyone has any comments in regards to the bed in general or especially using with this mattress which is hopefully not too large for it.

  • Dave

Hi MushroomHunter,

As you probably know … SleepEz is a member of this site which means that I think very highly of the quality and value of their mattresses and their knowledge and service … including their ability to help you choose the most suitable mattress.

There are too many variables to have a “formula” that matches different height/weight, sleeping positions, and preferences to each person and the most effective way to make your choice is by talking to the people who make the mattress and know every small detail of the layering and components (they have several sources) and have the benefit of thousands of customers that they can use as a reference point. There are some general guidelines on the site that can give you some ideas about how different body types, different sleeping positions, and different types of layering and construction can interact together and affect each person’s choices but these are best used as general guidelines and to help you ask better questions and better understand the recommendations they are making and the final choice is always best done in consultation with the manufacturer of the mattress.

Having said that … I would agree that a medium/medium on top is a much safer choice than soft with your height and weight and sleeping style … especially with 100% natural Talalay.

You probably already know this but just in case … make sure you let them know you are a member of the forum so they can give you the 5% discount that the members here receive on a mattress purchase.

I also own the Reverie Deluxe with a 12" latex mattress and it works very well. I think the reverie is among the best values of the adjustable beds. There should also be no problem with your weight combined with the weight of the mattress. The weight capacity of the Reverie printed warranty and documentation is not correct and I have an “official” email from Reverie which you can see in post #3 here which says their adjustable beds will comfortable hold 550 lbs per unit (person and mattress combined).


Thanks so much Phoenix.

I have a new dilemma though. I just found out the Talalay whole sheets are always glued for a queen size mattress since Talalay does not come in 80"x60 sheets, and only Dunlop latex layers are available as a one piece layer.

I’ve read several times folks argue that Dunlop is generally superior anyway, but just different and maybe not quite as consistent in feel. I was earlier prepared to get a couple layers Dunlop and the top two Talalay anyway and Shawn recommended all Talalay but then later told me about the glue seams when confirming my order.

Shawn has been very helpful and up front and has been gracious enough to hold my order until I decide what to do.

Honestly I’m thinking about getting all Dunlop instead of Talalay if I have to have the glued seams rather than each layer as just one piece.

Have folks had issues feeling the glue seams while sleeping, or their coming apart? Is Dunlop THAT different that Talalay in feel? Should I consider a soft top layer if Dunlop instead of a medium Talalay?

Thanks again for any comments and suggestions,


I think what I’ll do is order the 13000 with Dunlop and get a layer of each. Makes logical sense to me :slight_smile: unless anyone thinks this is a mistake. SO build up 4 layers as XtraFirm, Firm, Medium and Soft in all natural Dunlop, single sheets.

Hi MushroomHunter,

The glue that is used in fabricating the larger sizes of Talalay latex is non toxic, latex based, and is very strong (as strong as the latex itself). If it comes from a good supplier such as the ones that SleepEz and other reputable manufacturers use (as opposed to someone that is gluing scrap pieces together that have different ILD’s), you won’t feel it and it won’t come apart.

There is a lot of misleading information on the web about the different types of latex and much of it is inaccurate. This is especially true when people are comparing Dunlop to Talalay and a lot of people try to portray one as “better” than another when they are really just different. Each has it’s own strengths and they have a definite difference in feel. You can read more about the different types of latex in this article.

As an example … I prefer the feel of Talalay over Dunlop but others who are just as knowledgeable about latex would have a preference for Dunlop over Talalay and some may prefer a mix of the two. I also know people whose “ideal” mattress is latex over an innerspring. All of these are high quality and durable materials and a matter of preference.

The best way to know the difference and which you may prefer would be to do some local testing on both if that is possible in your area.


Thanks Phoenix. Your site has been most helpful. I’ll report back later after I get this all setup and spend a few nights on the new system. Am so looking forward to this…Dave