Sleep EZ doesn't fit the cover properly

Well, I received my mattress form Sleep EZ today, but it doesn’t fit the cover. First it was several inches long, and once I got it in the cover it is bulging/rising up all the way down one side. It’s zipped up but looks terrible.

Hi kareninKC,

I suspect that the latex may be “bunched”. When you put the latex in the cover it looks like the cover won’t fit (even though it fits fine when it’s zipped up because it needs to be tight around the latex). When you are putting the latex in the cover though it’s very elastic and “sticky” and needs to be “waved” into position rather than pulled or pushed so that it is lying flat and not stretched to one side or the other.

If you have any concerns or need further help I would call SleepEz (it’s always possible that something else may be happening no mattter how unusual this may be) but I would guess that the latex isn’t lying flat inside the cover which is designed to fit tightly and evenly around the latex.


Definitely call SleepEz, but I suspect as Phoenix stated you will be fine, just need to re-set the layers. There is a lot of “stretch” potential in latex foam and it probably just needs to be repositioned to remove this stretch.

I was able to reposition everything and the mattress seems to be fine. It was a battle as I set it up by myself (I’m 5’2" and about 144 pounds, lol). The mattress is a little firmer than I’d hoped, but so far no major issues. I’m trying the pillows, but so far my neck is not loving them, so I will probably go back to my down pillows. I just like a very squishy pillow. Anyway, I wanted to update. I’m actually happy so far. I have slept too cold for months (being from California I doubt I will ever acclimate to the cold in Kansas) and now, between the mattress and a new down comforter, I am toasty warm every night. I’m giving the softness 30 days. I most likely won’t exchange a layer, because I do like the support and I have been sleeping more on my stomach–a habit I had hoped to kick but doesn’t seem to be happening, especially with this mattress. I might opt for a topper down the road.


Hi kareninKC,

Thanks for the update. I think that what you experienced was not unusual at all … especially considering the weight of latex and that you were assembling the mattress by yourself. Whew!

I think your stomach sleeping may do better with a slightly firmer surface and this would also explain the pillows (stomach sleepers need a much thinner softer pillow). I would take some time to get used to the feel of latex and its unusual combination of softness and firmness before adding any topper … especially as a stomach sleeper.

I’m glad the bunching problem was resolved and it’s great too that your mattress makes Kansas a little more like California. My DH also lived in California for a while, loves the sun, and sometimes has a somewhat difficult time with the Pacific Northwest version of “liquid sunshine” :slight_smile:


So far so good. Love the mattress.

Thanks, Phoenix! :slight_smile:

Hi KareninKC,

That’s great news … I love smileys :slight_smile: