Sleep-Ez GEL MAX 12 inch vs Select Sleep 13 inch King Mattress

Thanks for all the information provided here. I’ve been driving my wife nuts because she feels that you can over-research as well as under-research. I like to be as informed a consumer as possible - and when it comes to mattresses that is difficult. We’re looking for a new King mattress.

We’re looking at Sleep-EZ Gel Max 12 and Select Sleep 13. We tried latex and memory foam at several places and settled on two options: Tempur-pedic Contour Elite Breeze 2.0, and a Pure Talalay Bliss Pamper 8 inch. One of the challenges is that I like a firmer bed then my wife.

Sleep-EZ 13 inch allows us to customize the firmness on our own sides and based on our heights and weights has recommended medium/firm/extra firm/extra firm for my layers and soft/medium/firm/extra firm for my wife’s side. My only concern is not being able to actually test the configurations but based on reviews and information here have confidence in the company. Is there any way to compare the Tempur-pedic Contour Elite and Pure Talalay Bliss Pamper to the Sleep-EZ Select Sleep 13 that I am considering?

The Gel Max 12 is half the price of the Select Sleep 13 but does not offer opportunity to have different firmness on both sides. It is also not clear how firm this mattress is. Can anyone offer any insight as to whether this would be comparable to the Tempur-pedic Control Elite Breeze.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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The Tempurpedic is a memory foam mattress, using very different components and having a vastly different feel from the two latex mattresses you mentioned, the Pure Talalay Bliss Nature and the SleepEZ Select Sleep 13". Comparing the Tempurpedic to the Select Sleep wouldn’t be productive, as they are disparate products. The memory foam will be less supportive, sink in more and have a bit more of a dead feel, where latex is more supportive and buoyant in comfort. This would have been more easily evident if you were able to compare the Pamper and the Tempurpedic mattresses in the same showroom (I’m not sure of that was the case when you were out shopping). The closer comparison could be made between the Pamper and the Select Sleep, although the Pamper uses a total of 8" of latex, where the Select Sleep model you’re mentioning uses a total of 12" of latex. So even here a configuration won’t be the same as what you tested, but SleepEZ is familiar with the Pamper and certainly can do their best to configure something that is in the “firmer” range of the spectrum to approximate the Pamper’s level of comfort.

I’m not sure if you phoned SleepEZ or used their online configuration assistance, but my best suggestion would be to phone them (if you haven’t already) to confirm the layering combinations you’re arrived at. SleepEZ is a site member here, which means that I think highly of them and their advice, and they have decades of experience with building latex mattresses. They also have a comfort exchange program should your choice not turn out as well as you had hoped it would.

Attempting to make comparisons like this of mattresses using very different types of memory foam is difficult and generally wouldn’t be productive as well. There is more information in post #9 here about the different ways that one mattress can “match” or “approximate” another one. Every layer and component in a mattress (including the cover) will affect the feel and performance of every other layer and component and the mattress “as a whole”, and while the Tempurpedic and the Gel Max are both memory foam mattresses, unless you are able to find another mattress that uses exactly the same type of materials, components, and cover, layer thicknesses, layer firmnesses, and overall design (which would be fairly unlikely) then there unfortunately really isn’t a reliable way to match one mattress to another one in terms of “comfort”, firmness, and PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and your Personal preferences) based on the specifications of the mattresses (even assuming that you can find out all the specifications you would need for both mattresses you are comparing in the first place).

Tempurpedic doesn’t provide the specifications of the foams used within their mattresses, but they generally use better quality materials. You can see the memory foam guidelines I go by here . I would be cautious having 2" of 3 lb memory foam in a mattress (like the Gel Max) and tend to avoid a mattress that has more than around an inch or so of lower quality materials in the top layers unless there is a compelling reason that would make the durability tradeoff worthwhile for you (such as a very low price of the Gel Max that is much lower than other mattresses that are available to you and makes the durability tradeoff worthwhile for you). It’s not “horrible” with only 2" but it is also more than I would normally prefer to see.

While I think you can create a very high quality “firmer” comfort with the Select Sleep for yourself that is in the overall range of the Pamper, it would really come down to whether your wife would enjoy the plushness and the feel of the latex configuration that you’ve selected. Neither of the configurations in the Select Sleep will feel like memory foam, though. If you choose the Gel Max, I would have a concern tat it would feel “firm enough” and be supportive enough over time for your preference.