Sleep EZ Help with Final Decision

Hi Phoenix,

Thank you for posting such knowledgeable information about mattresses. Before I stumbled upon your web site I was set on my buying the Sealy Icomfort Insight at Sleep America. After reading through most of your posts I realized that the better quality and long-term purchase could be found in a latex mattress. I read a post from an AZ woman and you recommended to her Sleep EZ since they have a distribution center here.

My husband and I went down to the Sleep EZ location and I think we found the mattress for us. BUT I’d like your input before we make a final purchase from Jeremiah, the employee at Sleep EZ.

Husband-6 feet, 180 pounds, side sleeper
Me-5’2, 120 pounds, stomach and back sleeper mostly due to the fact that it hurts my shoulders to put weight on them

We tried the four different Talalay blended mattress models and felt the firm was too firm for our liking. Coming from a pillow top firm mattress now we are steering away from total firmness in the future. So we liked this mattress best:

and we would choose for this mattress soft-medium-firm in that order for layers.

This mattress felt good in the store after 5-10 minutes of laying on it, my husband put his hand underneath me and the mattress felt fitted to my body, and I could feel my body relaxing.

I have two questions for you:

  1. In your opinion, is this mattress a good fit for us?
  2. We are replacing a pillow top mattress that came with a box spring sitting on a wood platform and the panels are no more than 3" apart like you recommend. The bed is from 2008. Do you think we could put our new latex mattress over the box spring and wood platform and not ruin the new mattress?

Thank you for telling us to mention your website to SleepEZ. He did say if we choose to order we would get a 5% discount and we very much appreciate that. :slight_smile:


Hi Yanira,

While your own personal testing is more accurate than what I call “theory at a distance” it seems to me that this would be a good choice for your husband.

You are much lighter and a specific ILD of foam will generally feel firmer to you than your husband so this would also seem like a good choice for your back sleeping (if it was softer it would probably be a good idea for it to also be thinner). Because of the thickness of the comfort layer though … I would make sure that it was OK for your stomach sleeping because a thicker comfort layer can lead to the pelvic area sinking in too far and causing a swayback position. I would spend some time on my stomach fully relaxed to make sure that this wasn’t happening (feeling tension in your lower back). For stomach sleeping it can sometimes be a really good idea to have a pillow under the pelvis to help keep it up higher.

This is a very popular model for SleepEz and a good all around choice but I would just make sure that you are OK on your stomach. It might also be a good idea to test it on your side just to see how it feels on your shoulder in case you decide to spend some time on your side. It would be nice if you could lay on your side if you wanted to (and it’s certainly easier on the back for most people than stomach sleeping).


Thank you for the great advice Phoenix! I’ll keep you posted on how it all turns out. :smiley: