Sleep-EZ Latex Natural Mattress review

I bought a Sleep-EZ Natural 8" mattress and two piece wood foundation Labor Day weekend. It had a 3" Dunlop firm layer, 3" Dunlop medium layer and 2" Talalay soft layer. I started to go with 3" layer of each but their online questionaire suggested firm/med/med but the salesman on the phone suggested the firm/med/soft and I had tried a 3" firm/3" med/2" soft that seemed good so I figured a 2" soft would be in between the 3" soft and a 3" med. I also bought a St Dormier mattress protector from

I’m a side sleeper and was still noticing some pressure points on my shoulder after a month so I called them to see if I could switch to a 3" soft top layer. They exchanged it and just charged me the difference in price for the 2 and shipping. Going from a 8" to 9" made it a bit more of a pain though because they have to alter the mattress cover to accommodate the extra inch thickness. I can understand that they would not want to reuse the top but I was amazed that they would alter the whole thing rather than just swap out the bottom section for a taller one. Maybe they are not allowed to resell any portion of the cover. Anyway, that meant we had to send the cover to them to be altered so we had just the foam layers and the St Dormier mattress cover for the 2 weeks it took to ship the cover to them, have it altered (replacing the 8" side wall with a 9" side wall) and ship the new layer and altered cover back. I was surprised at how the cover impacts the feel of the mattress. With just the mattress protector, it was more obvious that we were sleeping on foam.

We’ve been sleeping on the new set up for a week now and the extra inch did the trick. Sleep-EZ was great to work with. I called several times with questions and they were very responsive. And they gave me the extra MU discount on top of their Labor Day sale price that included a nice pair of latex pillow and a king size set of sheets.

Hi MattressCarolina,

Thank you for taking the time to provide details of you adjustments to your new SleepEZ mattress! I’m happy that you’re sleeping better after the exchange of the foam layers, and I’m also happy to hear that SleepEZ was easy to work with.

Regarding your question on the cover, they have to align the zipper with the new encasement borders, hence the reason for sending that in.

I’m looking forward to your future updates.