Sleep EZ Luxerion vs. Brooklyn Bedding 12 inch Bamboo

I’m condsidering a latex over polyfoam mattress. I live in Phoenix Arizona. I am going to check out a couple of models made by Brooklyn Bedding that report having a 2.17 lb HD Foam support core covered by 3 or more inches of latex (12 inch Bamboo Queen & 14 inch Aloe Alexis). Sleep EZ Factory also makes a Luxerion mondel that is latex over polyfoam that they say has 2.0 lb HD foam support core. From reading the suggestions about support cores it seems that these are on the lower end of what you would minimally want in a support core but might be workable. I am wondering if any one has any experience with these beds and any thoughts on the polyfoam support core of this weight?

Hi jgrregory,

The guidelines I would normally suggest for a polyfoam support core are 1.8 lb polyfoam (or 1.5 lb in more average weight ranges or in lower budget ranges if there are good quality materials over it). 2.0 lb polyfoam is a good quality material even for higher weights and certainly wouldn’t be a weak link in a mattress.

I think that all of the mattresses you are looking at would make good quality/value choices. You are fortunate to be in the Phoenix area where there are so many good options available that you can test in person :slight_smile:


Thanks for the confirmation. That will help me decide.