SLEEP EZ Questions

Hello, first thank you to all the contributors, organizers, and people who care about this site. It is an incredible source of helpful information. The interwebs at its finest!

My wife and I are ready for a new mattress (King size). Our specifics:

She: 5’7" 170, side sleeper 80%, stomach 20%. Currently has hip pain when lying on current mattress
Me: 6’3" 200, side sleeper 80%, stomach/back 20%. No real issues except unrelated shoulder pain.

So…two questions:

  1. Is there a comfort/longevity advantage of the Organic v Natural mattress?
  2. I’m most concerned about resolving my wife’s hip pain. How would you organize her side? (And then…because it is probably different…how would you organize my side)?
  3. I guess last question: is the 9 inch option fine or do we need an extra inch?

Thanks so much.

Hello bf0123

Thank you kindly for your inquiries! Based on the information you have provided, I recommend a soft Talalay over medium Dunlop over firm Dunlop for your wife. At 170lbs, the soft Talalay latex will provide the contour and pressure relief she will need as a side sleeper, while the medium over firm layers below will provide gradual support. For your side I recommend a configuration of medium Talalay over medium Dunlop over firm Dunlop. At 200lbls, the medium Talalay will provide similar contour for you that a soft will for your wife at her weight.
Talalay latex is a slightly more open-celled foam compared to that of Dunlop, and therefore provides a softer/plusher feel, which is perfect for contour and pressure relief on a mattress surface. Dunlop latex is heavier/denser and therefore firmer compared to Talalay, and is ideal for support within a mattress.
The main difference between our Natural and Organic mattress models is that the Organic line consists of a Natural Talalay top layer, and GOLS Dunlop layers below, whereas the Natural line consists of all 100% Natural Dunlop and no Talalay latex. Both our Natural and Organic latex mattress lines are equally long-lasting due to the cell-structure in latex foam being made of natural rubber from a rubber tree.
This makes latex a very durable foam compared to that of other mattress foams in the industry.

I hope this information helps. Should you have more questions, please feel free to come back anytime, or call our office at 480-966-8731. Thanks again!