sleep ez standard wool cover and waterproof optional cover

we are about to order a sleep ez mattress. their 9" model. any opinions on their standard cover, and any on their waterproof optional cover? is an additional waterproof cover necessary?

thanks in advance for any help! great site btw!

Hi ironwoodpete,

I don’t know about a “waterproof” cover that SleepEz sells. The choice is generally between their wool quilted cover and their stretch knit cover (unless they have a new option I’m not aware of). One is more conforming and will allow more of the feel of the latex to come through (the unquilted stretch knit) while the other (the wool quilted cover) has the benefits of wool (breathability and temperature control as well as being the fire retardant layer instead of a viscose type of fire retardent) but will have a slightly greater effect on the feel of the latex. Whether you are choosing a side to side split may also have an effect on your choice (the wool quilting can “even out” the effect of the split more).

A mattress protector is generally used over a mattress and this can be either “waterproof”, water resistant, or just moisture absorbent … more or less breathable and temperature regulating … and have a larger or smaller effect on the feel mattress itself depending on the type you choose. Is this what you meant by the 'waterproof" cover?