Sleep EZ

Just spoke with Shaun at Sleep EZ and we’re ready to purchase a new latex mattress. Shaun’s great to deal with, very helpful, no pressure.

Hi joanzag,

SleepEz is certainly a great choice and as you know they are a member here and I think very highly of them (and Shawn).

Their individual layer and zip cover system also has great flexibility and options to customize your mattress before and after a purchase.

If you have made your final decision then congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


I’ll second the OP’s comments.

Couldn’t find a nicer bunch of people to do business with. Can’t wait to get my mattress, my back is in desperate need for support. Laying on a towel lined board right now to recover from the hammock effect of my current mattress and the problems it is causing every night with my new back problems.