Sleep Number and Dream Number

I have been testing out TempuPedic beds and am afraid that they will sleep too hot for me. I’m on to Sleep Number and I am curious about the i8 and i10 mattresses which they say keep you cooler. I have also seen gel/sleep-number beds by Dream Number, whom I’ve never heard of. Does anyone have any input on any of these? Also, where is there a reliable outlet in the 19002 area?

Hi trekmall,

The first thing I would suggest is to read this article which will help you avoid most of the worst choices you could make.

I would also suggest reading this article on airbeds before I considered buying one.

How cool a mattress sleeps is a combination of many factors (besides the differences in people themselves) which includes the type of materials used in the upper layers of your mattress, any cooling technologies that are used, the mattress protector you use, and your sheets and bedding. The deeper support layers will have much less effect on this than these layers and anything used in the upper layers of an airbed can also be used with any other type of mattress. There is more about the many factors involved in sleeping cool in post #2 here.

The better possibilities I’m aware of in terms of manufacturers and retail outlets that are near you are included in post #4 here.