sleep number mattress vs memory foam Please Help!!!

I found your site by accident and I’m soooo happy I did!
I have read some of your posting and I am happy I found someone that cares about the public and wants everyone to be informed.
We are currently shopping for a mattress, but we are so confused…We went to our local big store and found the Serta I-comfort Genius for $2000.
It seems like a good choice for us since we cannot pay $4000 dollars for a new mattress. We are looking for an Eastern King mattress that is firm for support but has pressure release(my hips always hurt, and my fiancee has a bad back)also not hot to sleep on and can last maybe 10yrs.
I am a side sleeper and he is a back sleeper, he loves firm (level 50 on the sleep number) and I like level 40 on the sleep number. he is 5’9 and 190lbs, I am 5’6 and about 180lbs… :frowning:
We have had the sleep number for seven years. But lately it really hurts my back and my hips. My fiancee is very happy with the sleep number and is hesitant to switch to memory foam…
If you know of any beds that compare to the Serta I comfort genius in comfort and firmness but are better quality please let us know!
maybe any places that sale good quality beds in my area that you recommend…
any input would really help…I have considered the costco or sam’s club…but you mentioned this are throw away beds…not sure if that’s what we need, since we would like to have a little bit better quality…
thanks in advance…Perla

I live in San Diego California…

Hi Garfieldgirl,

The most important first step you can take when you are mattress shopping is researching the better outlets in your area instead of researching which mattress may be best for you. These tend to be local factory direct manufacturers and better sleep shops that carry local or smaller independent brands. When you have found these … you will also have sources of reliable information about the materials in your mattress (instead of marketing jargon) and better quality and value mattresses to choose from. They also tend to be much better at fitting a mattress to your long term needs and preferences rather than “selling” you what they can based on various marketing techniques and the highly managed environment of a showroom for the sake of profit margins or commissions. This article will help you avoid most of the worst choices.

Post #2 here (and the 5 steps at the end of it) may help.

I personally would tend to avoid air mattresses. This article will explain why I believe there are much better alternative mattress support layers that perform much better and have better value.

The iComfort line, like other mattresses made by major brands, are a poor value choice compared to many other options that are available to you. Post #11 here has more comments about many of the models in the lineup.

Costco have some “throwaway beds” and from time to time also have some higher quality/value mattresses but as in any mattress purchase the only way to know the quality and value of a mattress is to know the quality of the materials in it. It is also difficult to know how any particular mattress will work for you without the help of someone with the knowledge and experience to help you make good online choices but at least they have a good refund policy if a “roll of the dice” turns out not so well.

Because the iComforts are so low on the value scale … almost anything similar made by a smaller local or regional manufacturer would have better value but of course they still need to work for your needs and preferences no matter what the quality or value of a mattress.

Some of the better choices in the San Diego area are in post #2 here.

Hope this helps


Hi Phoenix, thanks for all the info…we are checking out a few of this places this next weekend…
I will write back ones we have looked around at this different places and see anything we like!
thanks again!

YOUR THE BEST! :slight_smile: