Sleep Number Worth It? New here

So originally I had thought about getting the Casper mattress [which led me to other similar competitors such as Leesa and Tuft & Needle] , but my partner wanted the Sleep Number mattress. I went on their website and talked to a sleep specialist via online chat. Jeremy asked me some questions on waking up at night and temperature and recommended the

“Jeremy: Ok, from what you have told me here, I would recommend either the i8 or iLE models for you two. They will both have a thicker pillowtop which is perfect for back and side sleepers like you two and will have temperature balancing features as well!
Jeremy: Our i8 has DualAir™ technology and 3 inches of PlushFit™ foam to support your hips, shoulders, and back. Its woven Duvet pillow-top includes Hypersoft Quilting Foam for a plush surface and Outlast temperature balancing technology to minimize temperature swings.
Jeremy: The Sleep Number® Ultimate Limited Edition (iLE) Series bed features our 3 inch high exclusive comfort layer for soft, conforming support. Breathable air flow design regulates temperature and will keep you sleeping comfortably.”

He told me the Sleep Number iLE was onsale and there was a zero interest 12 month financing offer going on and would end at the end of the month.
I thanked him for his help and looked at the mattresses and was a bit floored by how much they cost. If you include the adjustable base its almost 5-6 grand for the entire set up.

I decided to do some research of my own and I came across this website while googling sleep number reviews. I spent about 30 min reading this–for-you

After reading around this website it seems like sleep number is one of those major brand company that is designed to rip people off. My partner is pressuring me to take advantage of the Sleep Number sale. Is the sleep number worth it even if it is on sale for $2,349.99? If it isn’t, what other mattress options should I take a look at?

Thanks a lot

Hi transcendlimits,

While any mattress may be a suitable choice for some people … you can read my thoughts about the pros and cons of airbeds in this article and I would tend to avoid them unless you have a particularly compelling reason not to.

I would make sure at the very least that you know the type and quality of all the comfort layers in any mattress you consider so that your mattress doesn’t have any lower quality materials or obvious weak links (see this article) and if you aren’t able to find out the quality of the layers in any mattress you purchase then I would pass the mattress by and I would tend to avoid the major brands anyway (see the guidelines here).

I also wouldn’t buy a mattress with any sense of urgency that comes from so called “sale” prices because good quality/value mattresses are available every day of the year (see post #5 here).

If for some reason you are committed to an airbed and there are no other types of mattresses that will do then there are some other options available to you that are listed in post #3 here that may be in a much better quality/value range than the Sleep Number you are considering.

There is also more about the most important parts of the “value” of a mattress purchase in post #13 here that can help you make more the most suitable choices and more meaningful comparisons between mattresses.