Sleep on latex 2 twin XL for king mattress

My wife likes a soft mattress. I like a firm mattress. We’ve settled on a “Sleep on Latex” mattress topper. We currently have a soft 3" version for our king but it’s a little so soft for me. Wondering if anyone has tried two twin XL’s inside a king cover. One soft (for her) and one firm (for me). If so, do you feel a gap or odd interface?

Hi chaeha,

I apologize, but it is unclear to me exactly what you are planning on doing. Are you considering placing a 3" piece of plush twin XL latex foam next to a firm 3" piece of twin xl latex foam inside of a king mattress encasement that already has two twin XL mattresses within it? If you could clarify exactly what you currently have and are attempting to do I can be more helpful in my advice.