SleepEZ 10,000 or Ultimate Dreams Euro Top?


Let me start like so many other posts - thanking site members, especially Phoenix, for the valuable feedback they provide people like me who go into the mattress shopping experience under-educated and overwhelmed.

Before we start, just for reference, I’m 5’ 10", 175lb and a side sleeper. My wife is 5’ 8" and 135lb, also a side sleeper. We’re currently sleeping on a 10 year old Big Lots $199 innerspring special. Read: junk. No back or joint issues.

After hours and hours of reading on this site and others I believe I have finally narrowed our choices down to the two vendors listed above. Originally, I thought I wanted a memory foam mattress and tried the Tempurpedic Cloud Luxe. My wife and I both liked the softness of the mattress, but we couldn’t quite get past the sleeping in a crater feeling caused by the slow responsiveness of memory foam. Overall, we really liked that cloud-like sinking in feeling, but just not the rut it created when we rolled over after a few minutes. Next up was PLB’s lineup. We liked both the Nutrition and the Beautiful better, even though to me they weren’t quite as cloud-like. (I recognize that most of that is a property of latex vs. memory foam) Although that may not seem like a victory, we at least knew that we were heading down the latex path at that point. :slight_smile:

Since then I’ve been waffling between the more budget-minded Ultimate Dreams Euro top mattress with a 3" 19 ILD top with two layers of convoluted foam for $900 or the $1750 SleepEZ that has a more customizable 3-layer, 3" configuration for 9 total inches of latex.

At this point I’m trying to determine if the extra $850 is worth it. I realize that’s a question that I ultimately need to answer, but any help getting there is appreciated. We can afford it, but I generally don’t just spend money for the sake of spending money.

On one side I think that anything we get will be better than what we have and that 3" of latex is likely enough for us to get that hotel bed feeling, while performing the true functions of a mattress I’ve learned about on this site. The other side of me is worried that 3" simply isn’t enough of a support and comfort layer. Thoughts?

Also, my wife and I still like that cloud-like feeling, so I’m thinking we’ll end up with a topper of some sort to get that downy/cloudy feeling with the understanding that it’s going to have a short lifespan and will need to be replaced every couple years. Am I thinking about that the right way, or is there a better way to do it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi TheNuke,

the choice between an all latex mattress and a latex/polyfoam hybrid would boil down to personal preference and for most people it would be a matter of budget. Post #2 here has my thoughts about both types of mattress.

A 3" comfort layer in either mattress (the primary support comes from the deeper layers) would be quite suitable for you IMO (both mattresses have a similar 3" comfort layer) but one has polyfoam in the quilting and the other has wool. My target would be the ILD’s that you believe would most closely match the feel and performance you were looking for in either mattress without a topper. It’s always an option to add a thin topper for some extra surface softness but if you do go in the direction of the Ultimate Dreams it already has 1.5" of softer quilting foam on top so I would take that into consideration and you may not even need to go in this direction.

The first step though IMO would be to choose the mattress (in either case) that is as close as possible to your needs and preferences … erring on the side of firmness if you seem to be “in between” two choices … and then after you have slept on it then you can decide if it needs anything else on top and what that should be based on actual experience rather than 'theory". I would work with one variable at a time :slight_smile:


Thanks Phoenix,

Based on a few factors (the junk mattress we have today, the nearly four figure difference in the two mattresses, and the fact that we’re not terribly picky people when it comes to beds) we’ve decided to “start” with the Ultimate Dreams. We ordered it in an 8, which I believe is an ILD of 19, and it should be here on Monday.

I couldn’t personally justify the difference in price quite yet. I understand there is a quality difference, but I’m hoping that if we find we really like the feeling of a latex hybrid that we could give the UD to one of our little ones and step up to a higher quality customized mattress.

Looking forward to the arrival. Thanks for all the help.

Hi TheNuke,

Your logic makes sense to me … and you’ve certainly made a high quality and value choice.

I hope you have the chance to let us know your feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on it.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: