Sleepez 10000 Queen

Hi all,

First off, Thanks a ton for the website Phoenix it’s been extremely helpful in educating myself about latex mattresses.

My wife and I were looking for a mattress that wouldn’t contribute to her allergies. She is extremely allergic to dust mites and mold. The more I read the more it looks like latex is great for preventing both of those. We have (tentatively settled on the Organic 10000 Queen from Sleepez and I have a couple quick questions that maybe someone here could answer.

I called Sleepez and spoke w/Sean. He recommended the 10000 with layers that are soft, med and firm with the option of splitting the layers in case we wanted to change it up later. If we get the split mattress do you think it’s likely we will feel a valley or any separation in the middle of the bed?


Anyone have an opinion as to Organic mattress vs. the Natural. I see the Organic is 100% Talalay where the Natural is a blend. Taking allergies into consideration you think it’s worth the extra money? I am thinking so, the difference is only about $150, so I think just the peace of mind that comes with that is worth $150. heheh I think I just answered my own question.

Hi JohnK,

Most people wouldn’t feel the split itself but of course they would feel the difference between each side and the transition between them (which is the reason for the split in the first place). There’s more about this in post #2 here.

This of course is a matter of personal preference and on how important a certification is for what is substantially the same material but post #6 here may help your “sort out” the differences between them and decide which one is better value for you.


I have a single/full top layer and split middle layers beneath on my 13000. I wanted the single top to avoid any gap or void issues. I’m glad that I did. I set ours up as Med-soft-ex firm-firm for me and Med-soft-med-firm for her. There is a distinct difference in feel from one side to another, but there is no “gap” it’s just a smooth albeit crisp transition.

It is my intention at the next laundry swap to soften up my side just a bit in the lower layers making them more equal.

Thanks for the replies y’all.

@TD-Max: I ended up going with the single top layer as well. And left the next two split in case we wanted to change it up down the road. Right now we both have the same set up Soft- Med- Firm since that was recommended. We’ll see how we like it. Have you had your bed for a while? Happy with it? We are excited to get ours!

Glad to hear from someone w/first hand experience. Thanks!