SleepEZ 10K, Love at First Night

After some minor challenges assembling my SleepEZ mattress, my first night was the most comfortable I’ve had in months. I felt totally supported, cushioned, and aligned.

It’s the Talalay blend, Firm-Medium-Soft, on their Orthopedic Foundation, and I’m a 156lb and 5’8" side sleeper.

I’m sure it will get better as my body learns how to sleep in it, but I’m accustomed to waking up 2-3 times at night. Last night I slept deeply until morning. I can’t imagine that any change of layer would improve it for me.

I will report back when I’ve had a few more nights’ experience with it.

Hi powerdog,

Thanks for the update!

While it’s not unusual to have a few ups and down during the initial adjustment period … it sure sounds like your first choice is also very close to your “best” choice … which is always good news :slight_smile: