SleepEZ 13000 not working out as well as I'd hoped. :-(

I purchased my CalKing SleepEZ 13000 about two months ago. After talking to Sean, he recommended we go with a complete split design of M, M, F, XF for my husband and S, M, F, XF for me.

We loved the mattress for the first few days as it was such a huge improvement over our awful sagging innerspring. I’m primarily a side/stomach sleeper and all of my hip pain went away! My husband likes his layering just fine. However we’ve both noticed that the full split design appears to amplify movement for the other person, which is rather disappointing.

However, the bigger issue is that over the next few weeks, I found that I was consistently waking up with mid back pain. I felt like my hips were sinking in too far, putting my spine out of alignment, so I swapped my Medium and Soft layers and tried that for 2 weeks. The pain was slightly less, but still present and the mattress still felt too soft.

A week ago I moved the Soft to the bottom so now my layering is M, F, XF, S. My back pain has lessened (but is not completely gone), but now I’m starting to feel the pressure in my hips again and I’m constantly tossing and turning to alleviate it.

I’m planning on calling SleepEZ again this weekend to figure out if they recommend swapping one of my layers, but I’m curious if any of you have recommendations? Would a 1" or 2" soft latex or memory foam topper work better for me than the 3" did? I feel like I need a pretty firm mattress overall for my back but still enough softness on top to relieve pressure points.


Hi Chalie,

There are always a percentage of people that aren’t happy with their initial layering choices but of course that’s part of the value of a component mattress where you can re-arrange or exchange the layers.

Post #2 here includes the first suggestions I would make.

Once you talk with SleepEZ (and that’s always the first step so that you can go into more detail on a phone call than is possible on a forum) and if you let us know what they say I’d be happy to add my thoughts as well.

Your pain lessening when you increased the support of the mattress is also a good “pointer” to what may be happening.

Sometimes too … especially with stomach sleeping … layer thickness can also play a role as well and as you’ve mentioned (and you must have been doing some reading :)) there is always the possibility that you may end up doing best with firmer layers throughout with a thinner soft topper on top.

The key with making adjustments or exchanges is to make sure you have identified the most probable cause of any issues you are having as accurately as possible so you can make the changes that have the greatest odds of success. Back pain or other pains that you notice more when you wake up in the morning is usually connected to alignment issues (either sinking in too far or not enough in different parts of the body, twisting, torsion, or bending of the spine, or hyperextension of the joints) while pressure pain is usually more evident when you are going to sleep or your limbs fall asleep or become numb or tingly (or sometimes just uncomfortable from pressure points).