sleepez 9000 order

Thanks for this forum. I finally feel informed enough to replace our metal spiked rock of a bed. I am about to order a select sleep 9000 from sleepez. I am a side sleeper, 5’10" weighing in at 165lb. My wife is 5’3" back sleeper weighing in at less than me. My thinking is 9000 because 2" of soft Talalay is plenty, 3" as in the 10000 might even been stifling. Med middle core for me; firm middle for her (lighter back sleeper). Extra firm bottom layer or possibly extra firm and firm for more combinations - not sure about this. Any thoughts?
I may still switch my mind to an ultraplush from - less customizable but the soft top with a med core and a firm core sounds about right and is a few $100s less.
I will follow up on our final choice and satisfaction level.


While I don’t think that most people would find 3" of latex in the comfort layer “stifling” each person can have very different ideas about what they prefer. I would always go with the suggestion of the manufacturer but in “theoretical” terms … a 2" soft upper layer with softer layers below it can be roughly equivalent to a 3" upper layer with firmer layers below it. In other words … it’s not just the thickness of the physical layers themselves but the depth of your pressure relieving cradle or what I call your “critical zone” which is the amount you will tend to sink into the mattress regardless of the actual layer thickness. This will vary with different combinations and ILD’s of the layers. This is discussed in the “mattresses” section of the site under progressive and differential construction.

Unless you have specifically tested a specific combination of layers in person so that you are very familiar with your own specific needs and preferences and the layering that produces it … I would always tend to talk to the manufacturers themselves and go with their best suggestions.