Latex Mattress - Oh, The Bliss...or Something Like That

Living in a rural area, it took a long time for us to mattress shop. We hit a few stores when in the big city but it got so tiresome that I eventually broke down and looked online. After many hours of research and reading tons of reviews, I went with

  1. Shawn was extremely knowledgeable and kind to deal with! Very patient with all my questions and quick to return my calls when I got their answering machine. My hubby and I were on a very old king size bed (2 twin xl’s) Sears Craftmatic that was 12” high. Shawn suggested we go with a 10” so we purchased three layers of the organic latex (I had researched enough to know we wanted that and not memory foam).
  2. When we received the bed, it came in three boxes and no instructions. Holy you-know-what. Why did all those other online mattress store commercials show them popping a mattress out of the box and plopping it on the frame before plopping themselves on top and smiling in ecstasy?! With much trepidation, my hubby and I resolved to figure it out. It was a true test of our marital bliss – thank God we love each other. It was VERY confusing to set up and I eventually had to call customer support but they were very nice and explained what was what. Had I known what was involved to get this set up, I might have thought twice about purchasing. After much groaning and gnashing of teeth, we got both mattresses set up. The free sheets they sent were so-so and the pillows were way too big (both length and filling!) so we are looking for takers on those.
  3. The first thing my husband said when we woke up that first morning was, “I almost woke you up in the middle of the night to tell you my back doesn’t hurt.” Bingo! So far so good.
  4. A few weeks after receiving the bed, we realized that it just wasn’t high enough. Oh no, now what do we do?? I recalled our conversation with Shawn who said, “You can always just purchase another layer!” so we called to purchase another layer. Holy you-know-what. So, our suggestion is that if you are used to 11” or higher, go with the 13”, not the 10”. And mainly because buying an extra layer, which we ended up doing, was a PAIN IN THE ARSE! After sleeping (and other things!) on it, we realized it was just too low to the ground for our liking. This was the worst thing we could have done because it meant we had to send back the covers that came with our bed – yes, we had to take the three layers of latex bedding back out of the covers (did I mention each layer weighs A LOT and are difficult to manage, test of a good marriage, etc.,?), box up the covers ($113 later, thank God for the guy at the Fedex shipping store!) and send them back to be altered so they could fit another layer. Which meant we had to sleep simply on three layers of latex. We procrastinated for WEEKS over sending those covers back because we couldn’t imagine having to sleep without the covers until Roger finally called and said breezily, “Send them back!”. It ended up not being that bad but it was an extremely vexing time. Shawn made it sound very light and breezy over the phone, “Oh, you can always add another layer!” but we were not told the details in adding another layer – that might have changed our minds about purchasing.
  5. When we received the new layers, I decided to put them in when my husband wasn’t home because putting them together when we first received them was a trial on our marriage for sure. It took me about 2 hours but I did it. And, while the layers aren’t as evenly layered as I might like, they fit in the damn covers and I could zip them up.
    So, I write all this with mixed emotions. We are both sleeping VERY well on the mattresses - truly. They mold well to our bodies when sleeping and are easy to roll over in and we sleep through the night, which was unheard of before. And my husband, who would almost daily try to crack his back to relieve the pain, has had to do that maybe a hand full of times since we received the beds (about 3 months ago now). Could we have bought better beds elsewhere for a better price? I think we could have. I’m just grateful that we finally sleep better than we used to.

Hi Heddy,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile: And congratulations on your new SleepEZ mattress! :cheer:

Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed account of your first experience with a component-style mattress, and I’m happy that you are reporting that your marriage was able to survive the assembly process :lol: . And most importantly, I’m glad that you are both sleeping well.

I hope you’ll have the time to post back again in the future after you’ve slept upon your mattress for a while longer.