SleepEZ cover

SleepEZ is having a promotion right now for a 8" Latex mattress which seems to be exactly the same as their Natural 9000 product with the exception of the cover. The one on sale has a simple cotton cover and the Natural 9000 has a “Cotton Damask zipper Cover Quilted to lambs wool.” The difference in price for a Queen sized mattress comes out to around $400. In your opinion, is the quilted cover worth the extra money or should I pocket the $400 back into my wedding fund?


I looked at this mattress as well. One difference: I’m pretty sure the cheaper cover will be treated with flame-retardant chemicals according to law. The cotton/wool cover avoids this because of the natural fire-retardant properties of wool. But you should call and ask to make sure. I haven’t tried the SleepEZ cotton/wool cover yet (waiting for delivery), but the SavvyRest cover is very similar and is wonderful. Wool is supposedly good for pressure relief, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulation. “In theory” it is superior to a cotton cover; others with actual experience can verify this. The special also does not appear to include two free latex pillows, which is worth between $100-200, depending on type and where you buy. I hope this helps.

Hi jal297,

Post #8 here has a comparison between the SleepEz Special and the 9000 and the reasons behind the difference in the prices including that the Special has a pillow bonus instead of the regular 5% TMU discount on all their mattresses.

The only thing that isn’t covered there is the fire barrier. They would tell you for sure but I believe that the SleepEz Special has a viscose/silica type of fire barrier which other than wool would be my preference because it is an inherent fiber without any chemicals (just the viscose and the silica). There’s a little more about this at the end of this article and in post #2 here.

Hope this helps.