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Does sleepez have an option to get the core at a 6" thickness and would that be a better idea for a 13000 model?

Hi aron82e,

I think they only have 3" layers but there would be little difference in terms of feel and performance between two 3" layers of the same type and ILD and a 6" single core. this would be particularly true if it involved the bottom 6". It’s always better to talk with the manufacturer directly though about any options they may have that isn’t listed on their site.



Regarding the Latex GL you mentioned offered by PLB what is it and what would i be giving up in that regard by going to sleep easy?

Also why do some people prefer latex from LI and some from rodium…

Hi aron82e,

Talalay GL slow response is a type of latex that has a slower response than regular Talalay latex somewhat like memory foam and was introduced to provide a latex product that was competition to the feel of memory foam.

You can read more of my thoughts about the various versions of slow response latex that is being made by at least 4 latex manufacturers in post #2 here.

Post #6 here has some general feedback I’ve heard from people who have tried it and a forum search on Talalay GL slow response (you can just click this) will bring up more posts that mention it as well.

I think though that if you call Ken at he will be able to tell you much more because he is much more familiar with how it feels and performs than I am.

I’m not sure how to answer this and it would probably help if you asked a more specific question. SleepEz and Arizona Premium have different designs with different options, different layering, and different prices and which one is the best fit for a particular person’s value equation is up to each person to decide. They both use high quality materials and have great value … but they are different (and the differences are clear on their websites). Unless you have a more specific question I really can’t answer this for someone else. The only way I can really answer this sounds somewhat silly but it’s that you would be giving up the design, price, and options of one for the design, price, and options of the other because they come as a package. If you read their websites and talk with each of them you will see the differences between them, what if anything you would be 'giving up" with either of them, and you will be in a much better position to decide which one is the best fit for you.

I think it would depend on which person you talked to and each may have their own reasons for preferring one over the other. It may be price, quality, options available, country of manufacture or any one of a number of reasons. I personally think that both are high quality and very comparable products (assuming you are making a comparison between the same type of latex) and treat them as rough equivalents. If a manufacturer offers both then I would go with whatever they suggested because they are in a better position to decide which one they think would be in their customer’s best interests or provide the best value based on their experience with either or both.


Call Shawn and talk to him. If you want a 6" “core” (not a foundation) you would simply take 2 layers and glue them together, but I really don’t think that is necessary.

As for the Radium vs Latex Intl that’s something that I discussed with Shawn as well. At the time of my order, the Radium was reportedly coming in cleaner with less tears etc. The blend formulation is similar, but different percentages. I went blend for durability.