SleepEZ Hybrid 360 not quite King Size?

I recently bought a sleepez hybrid 360 mattress. While the foam on top of the coils is the full width of a king size bed, the coil platform is at least 2 inches narrower. It’s narrower than the foam on top and on the box spring (also purchased from sleepez). Has this happened to anyone else?

Hello Snoozer12 and thank you so much for the initial order and thanks for reaching out on this! This has happened maybe once or twice to our customers this year, so it’s pretty rare but definitely can happen. When we roll and compress the mattress, sometimes some of the coils will overlap with each other and get stuck. The coils normally expand / break loose with a week or two of regular use, and sometimes we’ll send customers this video on how to expand the coils - This should fix it, but you try that and it doesn’t work please call us and we’ll get you taken care of!

Same thing happened to me with my Luma. I don’t think they ever really expand as they’re supposed to…

Hi hydrophilicity, and welcome back after a year! Sorry to hear you had issues with your @Luma_Sleep bed. I talked to the owner Steve Russo, and as Ken @Arizona_Premium said this a very infrequent occurrence which happens due to the coils ‘nesting’ while compressing for shipment. They normally suggest customers ‘shake it out’ if the coils don’t fully expand after a week or 2 of normal use…I believe you originally had issues with the latex layers not fully expanding, and @Luma_Sleep replaced under warranty; was there an issue with the replacement latex layers not expanding?

~ Basilio

There were so many reports of people on Reddit that experienced this ill sized L&P coil issue that I almost didn’t get coils at all and just stuck to latex. The fact most major mattress companies do the foam sides makes this a non-issue for them, as most of them still use L&P. For anyone reading this in the future… Texas Pocket Coils do NOT have this issue. I got mine and they actually fill a larger space than my king latex toppers.

I’m still trying to figure out my layer combo/height so I don’t have them in an encasement yet but once I get that they’ll easily be a proper king.

At the moment, you gotta call/email TSP to place your order and they are only more expensive than L&P bcs of shipping. Their business model has been predominately wholesale but they are trying to expand their straight to consumer option. That said, mine had to ship freight on a pallet since I opted for full king and mini quads.

Thanks for the extra insight! Just a quick note, though: if it shipped flat on a pallet instead of rolled and compressed, that probably plays a part as to whether the coils arrive smaller than normal or not. Just a thought, I can’t say for sure without checking it out myself.

I can confirm the TPS do arrive rolled and compressed but also on a pallet (for king beds, all other sizes they ship FedEx) because it’s just so big. They do not fold their coils though before rolling them, just compress and roll but they def don’t send them flat either.

It could be the issue w/ L&P coils though.

Oh OK cool. Well thanks again for the insight, I’ll bring this up to the owners to see what they think!

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