SleepEZ King 10,000 review

The back story:

My girlfriend and I had been sleeping on a 12 year old king spring mattress. We both hated it. The support wasn’t right for either one of us, and we could feel every little movement either one of us made. It was an expensive mattress when I purchased it new, but to be honest, I think it always sucked. I’m sure at the time I fell for whatever the sales tactic was in the bed store I purchased it from. I started doing research on mattresses because I didn’t want to make the same mistake twice, and I ended up finding The Mattress Underground. What an awesome place! It made figuring out what I need and want so easy.

The process:

From the information, I decided latex is the way to go. My girlfriend, however, was unconvinced. Before moving in with me, she had a sleep number bed that she loved. She was trying to convince me to buy one of those. I’ve slept on one before, and my personal opinion is it feels like sleeping on an air mattress. I hate sleeping on air mattresses.

I convinced her that my research indicates latex makes an excellent bed, and she will get her side exactly the way she needs it. I found a single store here that has latex beds, and she agreed to go with me to check them out. They had three models on the floor, and we spent quite a bit of time going between them. She decided the soft/medium/firm was better for her, but she may want soft/soft on top. I settled on the medium/firm/extra-firm, but I thought the middle layer might need to be a medium.

Talking with Shaun from SleepEZ

I ended up speaking with Shaun at SleepEZ three times because I kept forgetting to ask all my question. Based on our sizes and weights, he recommend soft/medium/firm for my girlfriend and medium/firm/extra-firm for myself. I asked about doing soft/soft on top for my girlfriend. He said in that case, we should get soft/soft/medium so that if it’s too soft, we can put the medium in the middle. He said the bottom layer essentially doesn’t matter for her because she is so small and will never get to it. He also recommended the Talalay blended latex. I asked him about reusing our box spring. He said we could place plywood over it, and it would work, but given it’s age, it is worn out. He recommended getting their foundation for the bed.

Speaking with Shaun was great. He was more than willing to keep answering my questions, was very helpful, and overall just seems like a very friendly person. I felt he was giving me honest answers rather than selling me.

The bed:

I ordered an east king 10,000. I got the talalay blended with soft/soft/medium for my girlfriend and medium/firm/extra-firm for myself. I also ordered SleepEZ’s foundation. The mattress comes with two regular latex foam pillows, and I upgraded them to king size.

The bed arrived yesterday in five boxes: three for the latex, covers and pillows and two for the foundation. The foundation goes together fairly easily and requires no tools. The latex is surprisingly easy to handle and the cover went on without a hitch. My girlfriend tried out the soft/soft top and after looking at her spine while laying on it, we went with the soft/medium top. My first impression of the medium/firm top for me was the same as in the store… it may be too firm, but I decided to try it out. With putting together the foundation, swapping out layers and forgetting to put the cover down before putting the latex layers on, it took about an hour and half to get the bed set up. Not bad at all.

So, how did it sleep? AWESOME! I’ve been waking up at 4:30-5AM. This morning I slept until 6AM. My back wasn’t stiff, and my arms and shoulders never fell asleep. My girlfriend also slept great. Shaun was spot on with his layer recommendations. I doubt we will be switching any of our layers.

And what about motion transfer? What motion transfer?! We tested changing positions, sitting on the edge of the bed, etc. There is little to no motion transferred to the other side. It’s FANTASTIC!

The conclusion:

After just one night, I’m very happy with my decision to go with SleepEZ. I’m fairly confident this bed will provide us with many years of blissful sleep. Thanks Mattress Underground and SleepEZ!

Hi ToBeFrank,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a great review :slight_smile:

I especially appreciate the details about the process you went through and some of the insights into why and how you made the choices you did.

It’s great to hear how well all your choices turned out.


thank you for the review. I was looking for some info on which place to buy from and this helped