SleepEZ Latex: How many layers?

I’ve been looking at the SleepEZ Latex Mattresses and I’m wondering how big a difference there is between the models. Is there a big difference going from 2 layers of foam to 3, or from 3 to 4?

Hi nhoblitt,

Yes … the thickness of individual layers and/or of the mattress as a whole can make a significant difference both in terms of how they feel and perform in terms of PPP and the options you have available to customize the mattress for your weight and body type. There is more about the effect of thickness of individual layers or a mattress in post #14 here and more about having more layers and options vs less in post #2 here.

I would make sure that you have a more detailed conversation on the phone with SleepEz as they know more about their mattresses and will give you better guidance about which of their different options have the best odds of working for your body type, sleeping positions, and personal preferences based on “averages” than anyone else (see mattress firmness/comfort levels in post #2 here).


Hi Phoenix,

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Have you called Sleep EZ? I am around 250# and was looking at the 3 or 4 layers. In speaking with Jeremy at Sleep EZ he said I didn’t need to spend the extra on 4 layers. I asked why he said that and he said that because of speaking and selling mattresses for so long they have a good idea of what works for the weight of the sleeper and how they sleep. I was fortunate enough to be able to try them and he was spot on. They have an exchange policy so you can swap a layer out if you need to.

I guess what I am saying is talk in depth with Jeremy or Shawn or the girl (I forgot her name, sorry). Take your time and express your concerns. I wanted to buy more layers and was talked to a lesser priced mattress because I wouldn’t need it. That is rare. People normally want to up-sell.

We get our mattress tomorrow between 11-1!

Good luck with your search.

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As indicated by Phoenix your best bet is to talk with SleepEZ regarding the amount of layers. I will also say my experience with testing SavvyRest my wife and I noticed a difference between 3 layers and 3 layers with a topper. It gave the mattress a total different feel. Of course if it is good or bad will depend on your PPP. You can see some of my thoughts and Phoenix’s response to some of my questions in the following posts Post 5 and Post 20 respectively. Again for my wife and I it is a preference thing.

We are actually going back to the Savvy Rest store tomorrow to try some different combinations to try to dial in our preferences.

I ended up driving up to the Sleep EZ showroom before making a decision. The 13000 with the 4 layers of foam felt way too bouncy to me. The salesperson said that mattress is generally overkill for most people. I ended up going with the 10000 in x-firm, firm, medium and have been sleeping on it for the last 8 nights.

Congrats on your mattress nhoblitt. I also just got my SleepEZ last Tuesday. The verdict is still out if I need to swap out the layers or not. I wanted to try the layers I have for a couple of weeks before making any adjustments as I do seem to fall asleep easily on this new mattress.

Here is our very experience with swapping layers.

Being side sleepers we want/need a little softer top layers. We started with the most usual setups - soft/med/firm for Karen and med/firm/extra firm for me. We both wanted it a little softer so we swapped a couple of layers out. Jeremy was very easy to work with. Since we are local it gave us an easier option of picking the layers up. The only downside there is our bed is Cal King so the needed to laminate about 4 inches on to the end. If they didn’t I could have just stopped by to pick them up.

What I really appreciate is Jeremy telling us to keep the extra layers for a while so we can play with different configurations. I thought we would need to drop the ones we were replacing, but he said we could bring whatever ones not used afterwards. That will make it a lot easier. he also suggested a couple to do and a couple of things that he would not do. we took his recommendations vs what we were thinking and they have been great. We both slept well since the changes. It has only been a couple of nights but so far so good.

Karen (120-130lb) is soft/med/med and Doug (247 lb) is med/med/extra firm.

We can’t say enough of how excellent the customer service is. I did get that at Mattress Firm, but I don’t get the typical sales environment. Shawn and Jeremy have been very helpful.

Also, exchanging the layers was a little challenging for me BUT, I am disabled and am just prideful enough to want to do it by myself without Karen’s help. The layers are pretty cumbersome simply by their nature, long and bendy. The actual process is very straightforward and should be pretty simple for most people.