SleepEz or CozyPure for an organic 100% latex mattress

I have been doing a lot of research in the previous weeks regarding the different options available online for organic latex mattress and it seems like I came up with these two options, SleepEz or CozyPure. I really will appreciate your help in order to take a final decision.

1.- SleepEz. 9000 Organic Twin Mattress at $1150.
a) I can choose the firmness and the latex type (100% Dunlop or 100% Talalay or both)
b) Two free latex pillows
c) Two 3" Latex Layers + one 1.5" layer
d) Cotton Damask zipper Cover Quilted to wool
e) They have an option where I can buy the layers and cover separately to build my own mattress. It seems I can build a 9" layer mattress at the same price with this option.
a) Not sure if the organic stuff is certified. The webpage does not mention anything about certification.
b) Don’t know if they are a Mattress Underground member and if they offer an additional discount for members.

2.- CozyPure. Pure Performance Core Support Natural Dunlop Latex Organic Mattress with 7-Zone Latex Core Twin Mattress at $1098.
a) If I buy a mattress with them I become a member of the “Cuddle Up Club” and receive 20% off lifetime discounts on all CozyPure bedding (such as comforters, pillows, sheets), which is very good for me because I want to buy organic bedding too.
b) In the future I can buy additional latex layers in order to make the mattress “grow” with my child due to the zipper cover, although the layer cost may be the discount I will get for the bedding or even more.
c) One free pillow
d) The organic stuff is certified
e) 100% cozyPURE Wool Batting Quilted in Cover
f) They are members of the Mattress Underground although I don’t know if they offer additional discount to members. Can you confirm?
a) Only two 3" latex layers (6" in total)
b) At least with this mattress I don’t have the option to choose Talalay latex

What do you think? I am missing any other option? I am looking for the best organic 100% latex mattress for my daughter but around $1000.

Hi anmira75,

You are choosing among two of the best options in the country IMO and both of them are members of The Mattress Underground and offer the 5% discount. Once your final choices are between “good and good” and you have eliminated the worst choices (which you clearly have) … then it’s time for me to bow out because only you can make the final decisions based on your own personal “value equation” which takes into account all the objective, subjective, and intangible benefits of each mattress and manufacturer. At this point nobody else can (or even should) tell you what is best for you. I know from personal experience that while having great choices like this is the “best” place to be … it can also be the most difficult part of buying a mattress when you are trying to eliminate one of the best in the country when you really want to buy them both or it seems impossible to eliminate one of them :slight_smile:

I can share with you though that either one would make a great choice (even though the reasons why may be different). The prices are a bit different but so are the components such as layers and ticking/quilting and each manufacturer provides different options but only you can finally decide which one most closely matches the things that are most important to you. I would talk with each manufacturer and ask them as many questions as you need to about their mattresses and the benefits that they offer both before and after the sale (as you mostly seem to have done) and then do your best to assign a “value” to each of the differences between them and “rate” how important each may be. It may just boil down to intangible benefits rather than a “better / worse” decision if they both still seem “equal” to you. I know in my case that my final choice between about 5 “finalists” choices ended up being that I wanted quiltable latex in my ticking/quilting just because I had tested a mattress that had it and liked it. In retrospect I would probably have done just as well with any of them but I couldn’t buy them all :slight_smile:

I think you have accurately listed the benefits of each choice (and just to confirm the Dunlop in the SleepEz organic line is “organic” Dunlop latex and the end of post #4 here talks about why they don’t promote it as such but the Talalay isn’t “organic” because there is no such thing as organic Talalay latex that is available in the world) and it may just end up being a matter of choosing based on which one draws you the most for no particular reason that you can identify or going by “gut feel”. You’re in a position that you really can’t make a “bad” choice IMO.