SleepEZ Organic Select Sleep 10" ARRIVED

After sleeping on my old mattress way to long, I ordered the SleepEZ. I called in the order to get the TMU discount off the order price instead of ordering online and getting the discount as a refund. It took one week from when I ordered it for all three boxes to arrive. The boxes were in excellent condition and the contents were completely undamaged.

The unboxing was pretty easy. I highly recommend not cutting any of the clear plastic until you are ready for that layer and have it on the bed. The black plastic is very slick, good for moving layers in to position but sucks for trying to carry from one room to another. Very little to no odor from the mattress. The “free” pillows smell very strongly of latex. The pillows are not allowed in the bedroom until they stop smelling.

Assembling the mattress was quite easy after having watched a number of videos and having watched layers being swapped by salesmen at competitors’ stores. The mattress top zipping completely off was a great help to me as my bed is lofted and only accessible from the foot end. Total mattress assembly time was abou 30 minutes.

The "free"sheets look nice and feel okay. I think they will feel better after a few more washings. The “free” pillows reek of latex. They are filled with “shredded” latex. Looking inside the pillow the filling looks more like latex crumbs and dust than shreds or chunks. The cover of the pillows feels really nice and seems quite sturdy.

SleepEZ was great at answering my questions. I used the live chat feature on their webpage. When I called in my order, Shawn seemed slightly annoyed that I didn’t have any questions about the mattress.

I am looking forward to sleeping on my new SleepEZ mattress tonight.

Updates will follow.

Hi WillyG,

Thanks for taking the time to share an initial update … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to any additional comments comments and feedback once you’ve had the chance to sleep on your new mattress for a bit.

Your impressions are probably the result of the lack of “tone” in a written chat because Shawn is one of the most laid back and even tempered people that I know and in the many years I’ve known him I have never once seen him get annoyed.


I spoke with Shawn when I placed the order. He was very laid back but he seemed disappointed that I didn’t have questions. Definitely someone who wants his customers to be well informed about their purchase. Which is a great thing.