SleepEZ recommendation... what do you think?

My wife (5’ 120lbs) and I (5’9" 180lbs) are both side and belly sleepers (I know I know different types of support necessary but what can I say).

The 13,000 Talalay Blend model is versatile and can be set up in the following combinations.

Soft over Medium over Firm over Extra Firm=Medium Plush
Soft over Firm over Extra Firm over Medium=Firm Plush
Soft over Extra Firm over Firm over Medium=Extra Firm Plush
Medium over Soft over Firm over Extra Firm=Medium
Medium over Firm over Extra Firm over Soft=Medium Firm
Medium over Extra Firm over Firm over Soft=Medium Extra Firm
Firm over Extra Firm over Medium over Soft=Firm

It’s same price for an Eastern King whether Talalay blend or the Natural Dunlop latex is $2395.00.

so questions are:

  1. Should I go with SleepEZ?
  2. What kind of latex?
  3. What layers should I choose? I can exchange but I frankly still think the exchange fee is high!


Hi IbrahimSS,

You’ve done a great job in outlining all the options of the 13000 and I can see that you’ve done some homework (and understand that a mattress should have a “double” rating based on both comfort and support which can be very different).

While each person has their own “value equation” (the factors that are more or less important for each individual) so I don’t make any final choices for others … as you probably know SleepEz is a member of this site which means that I think very highly of them and that they are offer among the best quality, value, and service in the country. They would certainly make a great choice.

This is strictly a matter of personal preference. both 100% natural Dunlop and blended Talalay are excellent quality materials but they do have some differences in feel and how they respond. One is not any better or worse than the other but there is more about the differences between them in this article. My own personal preference is Talalay but others would strongly disagree with me :slight_smile:

A specific recommendation is always best coming from the manufacturer of the mattress and is usually the end result of a longer conversation on the phone where you can provide them with more information about your body type, sleeping positions, and preferences from other mattresses you have tested or slept on. A manufacturer or retailer will always know best how all the layers or their specific mattresses interact together with different types of people and they have a database of many customers who may be similar to you that can act as a reference point. Having said that though … the layers you outlined certainly provide a great deal of flexibility and choices and based on “averages” would probably be one of the most common recommendations that Shawn makes in this model.

You can also order the layers in a split configuration which gives you more flexibility yet (for example you could test a M/M/F/XF or a S/M/M/XF or any other combination with two of the same firmness layers) and this would also allow you to customize each side individually.

Their exchange fee is capped at $30 and I’m surprised that you would consider this to be high. It doesn’t even cover their cost of shipping much less a brand new layer (which is free) and I have always thought their exchange policy was very generous.

Don’t forget as well that since you are a member here you are entitled to a 5% discount on your mattress (all the members offer either a discount or a bonus on a mattress purchase to the forum members here) which would reduce your cost by almost $120.

IMO … you are certainly looking in a very good direction :slight_smile:



Thanks so much for all your help. This forum has been immeasurably helpful.

Hi IbrahimSS,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

I hope you have the chance to give us some feedback when you’ve had the chance to sleep on it … and I’m glad the forum helped.

It’s great to see one more “bite” out of the market share of the lower quality and value choices that are so common everywhere!