SleepEZ Review

Just wanted to add my voice to the happy customers who’ve purchased from SleepEZ. Five months ago my wife and I ordered a Select Sleep Organic 10" twin mattress for my 8-year-old son (top medium Dunlop, middle soft Talalay, bottom firm Dunlop). He sleeps very hot and is usually quite restless during the night tossing and turning. This mattress with its multiple layers gives him excellent support for his still growing bones (hense the medium top layer); a wool topper that absorbs his heat and allows him to wake up without being drenched in perspiration; and a comfortable allergen-free environment.

We made two calls before making our decision, first speaking to Jeremy for initial information and then getting Robin. Robin was amazing, taking her time with us and really giving good insight into what layers to get and how to arrange them (she suggested the medium layer on top as a small child really needs additional support). They honored the Mattress Underground discount, shipping was quick, and setup was easy (highly recommend viewing their videos online before unpacking and setting up the mattress). Couldn’t be more pleased with SleepEZ and will order again when its time to replace our current queen mattress.

Hi HHHPublishing,

Thanks for taking the time to share your comments and feedback about your SleepEZ mattress … I appreciate it :slight_smile:

As you know I think you made a great quality/value choice for your son!