SleepEZ satisfaction after 1 year+

Anyone on this forum that has had SleepEZ 10000 or 13000, how has it held up after 1+ year? Are you still happy/satisfied with your purchase?

Hi ARazorbackguy,

I’m not sure that there are any members here that have had a SleepEz mattress for that long because the forum itself is less than a year old. There are many many on the internet though who are happy with their latex mattress (and the materials in a mattress are much more important than the name of the manufacturer in terms of how long a mattress will hold up) and who have had them for many years and even decades.

The SleepEz website has a lot of feedback (although there’s always an argument that feedback on a manufacturer’s website only presents the most positive comments) and there are also many reviews on SleepEz in other forums and various other places around the web (which a search on “SleepEz reviews” will turn up).

Shawn and Larry (his father) have been in the business for many years/decades and like many other independent family/privately owned mattress manufacturers … they have had a great reputation for many many years.

Hope this helps … just in case you don’t get any specific feedback from the members of the forum.


I bought the 13000 yesterday. I will review after we get it all set up!

Hi ARazorbackguy1,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Needless to say … I think you made a good choice and I’m looking forward to your feedback when you get it.


I also purchased the St. Dormier Wool pad from Flobeds… as they had the best price compared to other outlets.

I’m thinking we will just go with the Mattress, Wood Pad on top of that, then the sheets. Does this sound right or should we go with more protection? Thoughts?

Hi ARazorbackguy1,

I wouldn’t add anything else or you would lose many of the benefits. The Dormeir is a mattress protector that is water resistant (from the wool), breathable and flexible and more protection isn’t really needed. Water resistant is more than enough for most people and the Dormeir is a really good choice and as you say the price at flobeds is good.


OK, I guess I’ll chime in here with my experience. I’ve had a SleepEZ (10000) bed for 4+ years, and I have never been especially happy with it. In fact I am still actively attempting to “fix” it.

Why did I buy the SleepEZ bed? I’d slept on latex before; I was convinced that latex is a superior bedding material; and the idea of a customizable (layered) bed really appealed to my engineer brain. Get some layers, arrange until you like them, maybe add a topper if you need it. What could be easier?

For many people, it probably is that easy. Unfortunately, for me (and many others) it wasn’t like that. Here is some more background.

  1. Yes, I had slept on latex before, but that was many years ago. Bodies change and what was comfortable at 30 isn’t necessarily comfortable at 50. Also, probably more importantly, my old latex mattress had a pillowtop, with non-latex (probably poly foam) in the topper; that surely changed the feel of the bed.

  2. SleepEZ has a definite bias towards firmer beds. When I told them I weighed 240 lbs, they steered me to a firm Dunlop bed (I believe it was medium over firm over x firm). The problem is that there is no agreement on what ILD is soft, or medium, or firm. For example, SleepEZ uses soft = 23 ILD, medium = 31 ILD, firm = 39 ILD, and extra firm = 44 ILD; FloBeds uses soft = 19, medium = 28, firm = 32, extra firm = 36, and super firm = 44 ILDs. So SleepEZ’s medium is closer to FloBeds firm, and their “firm” bed was actually firmer than many other sites. Also, because it was Dunlop, it felt firmer still. It may have been good in terms of support but it was definitely too firm for comfort.

  3. My own bad choices made things worse. I didn’t know much about any of this back when I got the bed and I thought “OK, it’s too firm, so I will get rid of my firm layers for more soft and medium layers.” By doing this I ended up with latex that isn’t firm enough to support my spine properly. I made the mistake of softening the core when I should have probably just added a soft topper. I also swapped Dunlop layers for Talalay, meaning my bed now has a weird mixture of both latex types in it.

  4. That said, it’s surprisingly difficulty in finding just the right topper. How soft can you go? How thick? Do you want to stay with latex or do you want to add some other materials like memory foam, wool, or even poly foam? I’ve tried a bunch of toppers now and still haven’t found anything that gives me the cush I am craving. So, even if I could get my support “core” right I would then need to shell out more money for toppers.

  5. I also think it’s much harder to "match" a store bed with a kit bed than people think. For example, you try a mattress in a store, and you love it. Its 2" soft latex over 2" medium over 6" firm. Can you reproduce that at home with a SleepEZ (or any other kit) bed? Maybe, to a degree. But 2" layers feel a lot different than 3", which are standard for kit beds. And other things matter a lot too. Is the latex Dunlop or Talalay or mixed? Is it pure or blended? Who sourced the latex? What is the actual ILD of the latex (as I mentioned above, soft, medium, and firm are just words, not standard ILDs)? Is the latex or support zoned? What’s around the bed, ie the quilting and ticking? What kind of support (some sit on a real box spring, some on a platform, some on a slatted base)? Any and all of these can make a huge difference. The "intangibles" matter.

Does that mean I think kit beds are a bad idea? No, I still like the idea of being able to customize a bed, and I think these kits work for most people. Just be aware that if you are a sensitive sleeper it may not be as easy as you first think. And do your research; understand the difference between comfort (top layer) and support (bottom layers). Try out beds before you buy your kit, and know what kind of latex you prefer, what type of construction you prefer, etc. Some people never seem to do well on latex so make sure you like it before you buy.

Do I think SleepEZ is a “bad” company? No, absolutely not. They were always helpful when I called and even let me do a few extra swaps. Just be aware that their latex is a bit firmer than most. And that if you make mistakes (like I did), no company will be able to bail you out.

However, I think (now) I would say that if you know you are a sensitive sleeper, and you find a bed in a store that you really love, just buy it! It’s awfully hard to recreate an exact sleep experience. I know, I’ve tried, and its cost me in time and money. In fact, even though store beds are more expensive than kits, it might be about even in the long run, especially if like me you feel the need to keep tweaking a kit bed.

So, that’s where I am right now. I can keep spending money on my kit, buying firmer latex layers and softer toppers, or I could just say forget it and buy a bed I love (and hope I still love it at home!) I think if I actually do find a bed I love that’s what I’ll do; but as I said I am picky and so far no bed is feeling irresistible to me.

Sorry for the long post, and I hope that comes off as helpful. Best of luck to you.


Thanks for the insights, Steve.

i agree that there is a lot of risk in buying a kit mattress, however, I have found that in my experience it’s even riskier to buy an “S” brand mattress that feels good after 5 min of laying on it in a Superstore.

I hope you find a bed that works for you soon and that my experience is opposite than yours. Only time will tell :slight_smile:

Hi Steve,

I’ll add my thanks for your post. It somewhat mirrors the post I was busy writing at the same time here :).

Like you … I place a high premium on the ability to purchase a mattress that has been tested, is a known quantity, and uses high quality materials. I also love the DIY builds and as you say for the majority of people they lead to a great mattress, but for the minority for whatever reason … they can be more difficult than people suspect.

Thanks again for a great post.


Very interested to read your experience.
We are about a month in with our 13000 and still trying to find the right layer arrangement.
Started with all tallalay: s,m,f,ef all split. This arrangement was way to soft (support wise our hips were sinking too much).
I think we’re getting close now that we have brought the ‘ef’ off the bottom to 2nd or 3rd layer. This really seems to firm up the support and still allow the use of the soft layer.
I’ll sleep in all positions, my wife is side/stomach.
Not sure if this helps at all but hope you have a good experience.


We went with the following:

mine: XF (Dunlop), F (Tal), M (Tal), M (Tal)
Her: F (Dunlop), M (Tal), S (Tal), S (Tal)

I hope it isn’t too soft for her, but if it is, I can just put her soft under my medium: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

Anyway, how do you like the cover on the SleepEZ? does it seem high quality? Also, what kind of protector do you use?


The quilted cover is very nice in my opinion. It has handled many zip and unzips so far.
Funny you ask about the protector. Been using our old one while looking for new one until you mentioned the one from flobeds.
I ordered it yesterday.
I should add that I ordered two firm layers to swap with probably the softs, but not sure yet.
I like the feel of the softs but after a full night we have been having some soreness.
Good luck and thanks for the protector lead, it looks nice.
I can, in the future, share what combos we have tried and the results if you are interested.
Oh, and by the way, that’s my joke.

I’ve been doing a ton of research on the web on Latex mattresses, and it has led me to your website. I will probably be buying from SleepEZ in the near future as well, but first I need to figure out what I need.

I do like how SleepEZ has a 3" comfort layer, rather than a 2" comfort layer, like plushbeds. Flobeds just seemed to be too expensive and gimmicky.

Anyways, my wife is about 5’3 ~ 129, and she likes a soft mattress. I am 5’-8 ~ 158, and I like a soft mattress as well, so I’m not sure if we have the same needs. We are both side sleepers, so we may have the same needs afterall.

I’m excited about getting a new mattress, and I just wanted to thank you all for putting this website together! :cheer:

Great stuff! Let me know if you have any advice.

So, get this! I received my foundation today, it was the kd foundation from amazon for $229 bucks.

I put it all together, with dreams of latex flowing through my mind, as it won’t be delivered until tomorrow. So, after it’s all built I figure I will put the old mattress on the new foundation and try it out for the night, making sure its sturdy and all.

What do ya know? It feels perfect! The old foundation had very wide gaps between the slats and one of the slats was broken, so we had absolutely no support.

I don’t think I’ll be sending my latex back, but I wish I had tried this before ordering. It might have saved me $2,200

Hi ARazorbackguy,

I guess that’s one of those good news/bad news scenarios!

If nothing else and you decide to keep both you will have a functional spare but I can certainly understand your surprise. Broken slats … especially when there are only 5 of them or so (or really wide gaps) will pretty much kill the support of any mattress.


Hello everyone,
Background: I have owned a sleepez latex mattress since 2005. This is my first review of the mattress/company.

My experience: I chose to buy my mattress from Sleepez because at the time it offered the best price and had many great reviews. I was very excited to order and get my latex mattress from sleepez, until I received and opened the package. The mattress appeared to be used. It was stained (I don’t even want to think about what fluids stained the mattress) and appeared frayed around the edges. I immediately emailed the company, but did not get a response. After a week, I tried emailing them again and also called the company and let them know that I had sent them two emails (with many pictures) regarding an issue I had with their mattress. Later that day, I received a call from the owner (Larry, I think his name was…this was a long time ago), who was very apologetic and offered to send me out a new layer, if I wanted. However, he stated that he did not think I needed one, as he did not think the latex was damaged. Being that I didn’t have another mattress at that time, I agreed to keep the original layers, which I now regret. In all fairness, even though I decided to keep the mattress, he still sent me two latex pillows as a courtesy for my inconvenience. In retrospect, I should have returned that mattress and worked out other temporary sleeping arrangements until I received the new layers. At about the 6.5 year mark the mattress started giving me problems, including sagging in the middle of the mattress. While I got over the fact that the mattress appeared to be used, I can’t get over the fact that I am now suffering a deteriorating quality of sleep.

Overall, I would rate my experience with my sleepez mattress and company a 5.5 out of 10 (10 being best, 0 being worst). Be forewarned, I have reason to believe that Sleepez has, in the past, sent out used latex layers to customers buying new mattresses. Could this be a unique occurrence? Maybe or maybe not. Is it possible that Sleepez has since ended this practice? Maybe or maybe not. I can’t definitively answer those questions for you, but what I hope I’ve done by writing this review is given you another reference point to consider during you research for a mattress/company.

I hope that you find my review helpful to you!

Hi prap155,

I will be direct and “blunt” in my reply.

Comments like yours are one of the main reasons that this site will never become a “review site” and is focused on education and accurate information rather than uninformed reviews … or worse yet reviews that contain implications or innuendo that are completely unreasonable and inaccurate.

Here are some facts that will hopefully correct some of the statements you have made (or implied) so that your comments and implications are never mistaken by another reader as being accurate, fair, or responsible.

  1. Latex is a natural material that has flaws and discolorations that have nothing to do with “bodily fluids” staining the mattress. With a mattress where all the contents are visible these natural flaws and discolorations are very visible to the customer. If you are looking for a “perfect” material that has no flaws or discoloration then latex is not the material for you.

  2. SleepEz doesn’t now and never has sold used layers in their new mattresses … period. Whoever fed you this information that gave you “reason to believe this” is flat out wrong.

  1. This also makes no sense to me because SleepEz ships out any layer replacement before you are required to return the old one. There is never a need to go without a mattress to sleep on when you are exchanging layers. If you genuinely believed that you were originally sleeping on used layers (whether your belief was right or wrong) … then it isn’t reasonable to me that you originally kept them or that somehow someone “convinced you” to keep them when all you had to do was exchange it or even return it for a complete refund.

  2. No mattress or material that is used in mattresses stays perfectly flat. The wool used in a quilting layer compresses (say 1/2") fairly quickly and soft latex can also develop slight impressions initially and then remains consistent after that. Time also takes a toll on all of us and a mattress that was suitable at one point may no longer be suitable 8 years later. If one or more of your layers is genuinely compressed beyond the norm then even now you could exchange it without having to write a so called “review” that is misleading and filled with inaccurate information. You could then be writing about how well they took care of you even 8 years later (which is what they do).

I know that SleepEz considers their customers to be customers for the long term and if there is a legitimate issue with your mattress or one layer has softened and impressed beyond the norm that they will replace it under their exchange options or their warranty. All it takes is a phone call (or maybe even a second phone call). This is one of the advantages of dealing with a reputable manufacturer where their customer’s satisfaction is genuinely important and their warranties are meaningful (and any “fuzzy edges” of the warranty give the customer the benefit of the doubt). If for some reason an email isn’t received (or even is missed) then there is no reason IMO not to follow up with another phone call to make sure any legitimate issues are resolved.

I don’t believe your “review” is helpful at all and more than anything is misleading and filled with innuendo and implications that are just not accurate or responsible. More than anything it indicates someone that is looking to create a negative impression or even cause harm or perhaps has a hidden agenda than it does someone who has a genuine issue that is looking to resolve it.

I appreciate that you took the time to post this … but not because it says anything accurate about SleepEz (other than the fact that they sell latex mattresses) … but because it goes to show how easy it can be for anonymous posters with possible hidden agendas to post misinformation on the web without having to be responsible for what they say or even having to be reasonable or accurate with the information they post.

There are unfortunately many sites on the internet where this type of information can be posted without being challenged … but this is not one of them. Legitimate issues are one thing and are always welcome here … but these types of so called “reviews” are something else again and usually say more about the ethics, integrity, knowledge, and responsibility of the person posting them than they do about the manufacturer or mattress they are “reviewing”.


PS: Just to update this … when I mentioned this post to SleepEz it turns out that not only is this poster not accurate and posting very misleading and inaccurate comments about their experiences … they also received a layer exchange after all this time that they neglected to mention. This kind of service so many years after a mattress purchase and giving the customer the benefit of the doubt is one of the hallmarks of Sleepez and it’s amazing to me that someone could post something like this when their intent is clearly to cause harm rather than post factual information that gives credit and acknowledges the kind of above and beyond service they received. There is certainly more going on here than meets the eye and a clear agenda behind this post.

Thanks for your post. Very helpful!

We are 4 months in sleeping on our 10000 SleepEZ and I have to say I’m really happy with it!! It took almost 3 months to totally break it in. This included walking on it to soften the latex. It felt very hard to me for at least the first 2 months, but after a few weeks I was sleeping fairly well. Now I sleep very soundly and am comfortable all night.

We had a great experience ordering from them and have not felt the need to exchange any of our latex layers.

Here is the make up of our bed:

Me (5’2", 115lbs)
Bottom: Medium Dunlop
Middle: Medium Talalay
Top: Soft Talalay

Husband (6’, 220 lbs)
Bottom: Firm Dunlop
Middle: Medium Talalay
Top: Soft Talalay

After the first month, I thought about changing my middle layer to a combination of soft/medium talalay, but Shaun at SleepEZ wasn’t convinced that it would make much of a difference for me because of my size/weight. I must say that now after 4 months, I wouldn’t want the bed any softer. It feels right and I don’t want to waste my time messing with it!!