SleepEZ's Kiss Mattress

I’ve already emailed the official support on this topic, but I was hoping someone might just happen to know - what is the difference in construction between the plush and firm options of the Kiss Mattresses?

Boyfriend is 6’1" 175lb back/side sleeper who prefers firmer/more supportive and cooler mattresses, while I am a 5’0" 95lb stomach/side sleeper who likes things soft and squishy, so I’m trying to work out some sort of compromise! Does anyone else have any experience with this mattress?

Hi Morokea,

The most reliable source of information for these types of questions is generally a phone call to the manufacturer (who can also help you decide on which of their firmness options may be best for you) but based on my conversations with them I believe that the main difference is in the firmness and support of the 2 lb density support core.

As you probably know the top layer is blended Talalay latex which is a very high quality and resilient material and the transition layer is a high quality 4 lb high performance polyfoam which has many of the contouring properties of memory foam without the temperature sensitivity, slow response, or motion restriction that is more common with more traditional memory foam materials. In terms of the quality and durability of the materials it would be suitable for any weight range.

The KISS mattress is still very new and they are still in more of a “soft launch” phase so there hasn’t been many mentions of it on the forum but you are certainly looking at a very high quality/value choice and of course like the other “simplified choice” mattresses it also has a great trial period and return policy so you can test it in your bedroom instead of a showroom without any risk.


Thank you very much for the info!

Just in case anyone else was also interested in this info, Kiss Mattress support got back to me with this:

Interesting. I was looking at this mattress as well but as Phoenix said they were very much in a soft launch and didn’t seem to have things together yet so I ordered the #BestMattressEver in soft which will arrive tomorrow. If it doesn’t work out I might try it. I am surprised they would call the plush a 3. That’s more plush than they told me. From my conversation with them they said it was a bit plusher than Casper and Leesa but not that extreme so I’d guess that would put it around a 5. Of course as I said they were still getting things together when I talked to them. If you do get one I’d be eager to hear what you think of it.

Hi Morokea & zexpress,

They may have been talking about their pillowtop option which is available if the Plush is still too firm. In their diagram on the bottom of the page here they put the Plush right in the middle of the firmness range.

Having said that … I would also keep in mind that there are no “standard” definitions or consensus of opinions for firmness ratings and different manufacturers can rate their mattresses very differently than others so a mattress that one manufacturer rates as being a specific firmness could be rated very differently by another manufacturer. Different people can also have very different perceptions of firmness and softness compared to others as well and a mattress that is firm for one can feel like “medium” for someone else or even “soft” for someone else (or vice versa) depending on their body type, sleeping style, physiology, their frame of reference based on what they are used to, and their individual sensitivity and perceptions. There are also different types of firmness and softness that different people may be sensitive to that can affect how they “rate” a mattress as well (see post #15 here) so different people can also have very different opinions on how two mattresses compare in terms of firmness as well and some people may rate one mattress as being firmer than another and someone else may rate them the other way around. This is all relative and very subjective and is as much an art as a science.