SleepEZ's Organic Latex Mattress- dunlop or talalay? + other questions!

Hello everyone,

What a great forum you have here! There’s so much thorough information, advice, and guidance on this site, it’s great! I have some questions to ask about my new, future bed so I’m hoping to get some insight on how to proceed :slight_smile:

I spoke to SleepEZ’s customer support today and they were wonderful! They guided me from their 360 Hybrid (which I liked initially due to the inner springs) to the Organic Latex Mattress. I think I prefer the Organic Latex Mattress due to the ability I will have to customize every inch of the mattress, even years down the road. In the back of my mind I’m still worried that springs will bring us more support since we are heavy people.

I am interested in their Split King for two different sides of comfort, I sleep primarily on my back (sometimes on my side, but rarely), I’m 5’8 and about 330 pounds and my partner is a side sleeper and is 6’5 and about 300 pounds. He sleeps hot and I use a heating pad due to disc issues and spinal stenosis. I don’t know anything about the feel of latex so SleepEZ is sending me a tester kit before I commit to purchasing.

I attached a photo below to show their websites suggestion on what type of latex to use for our new mattress configuration. Please note that the only layer that is talalay latex is the top layer. and below the top layer is all dunlop. There is an upcharge to replace the dunlop layers with talalay. I’ve heard talalay lasts longer than dunlop but a firm dunlop layer is much firmer than a firm talalay latex layer. With those points being made, do you think it’s worth swapping out any of the dunlop layers for talalay ? I would love to go with talalay but with the two of us being heavier I don’t know if it’s the right choice. Do heavier people usually do better with dunlop? I understand this is just what the website suggested based on our height/weight and that it’s all personal preference at the end of the day. Any guidance and comments about this initial setup of latex layers would be much appreciated.

As shown in the picture I think I’m going to go with 4 layers as opposed to 3 because we do not want to feel as though we’re bottoming out to the floor when we lay down. Three layers don’t sound like enough to me. Any thoughts on this?

As I mentioned earlier I sleep with a heating pad. I’m guessing that’s not something I would wanna do because the zippered cover is made of cotton and wool, correct? I’m also wondering if heat affects latex in a bad way? I would assume it does so over time.

Just a few more questions! Since my partner sleeps hot would a topper be a good investment? I know stores sell gel toppers but probably not in a Twin XL like I would need. Is both dunlop and talalay latex very breathable or is one more breathable than the other? There’s wool in SleepEZ’s zippered cover which wicks away sweat so maybe that will be enough, I’m not sure.

Thank you all so much!

Hi. The Natural mattress is all Dunlop and customizable. Only the Organic (the organic part being the Dunlop layers) has Talalay as an additional option. I have the Organic 9" and went with the configurator result. Since I’m towards the high range of Soft Talalay and the low end of Medium Talalay, I went with the Medium. I had a Latex Mattress Factory Naturale which was a bit firm on the plush side so I tried a Soft Talalay topper which didn’t help so I went for the Sleep EZ Organic. So far, so good I suggest sticking with the configurator results and adjust from there if that arrangement doesn’t work for you all. I personally feel that the heavier one is, Dunlop’s the ticket.

Hi there, thanks for your response! I was hoping for more to chime in.

SleepEZ’s Organic Mattress configurator only gives consumers the option to go with a talalay top layer and the rest are dunlop by default. When I called SleepEZ on the phone they told me there was an upcharge to replace the default dunlop lower layers. This is why I am asking if it’s better to change out the dunlop for talalay since talalay’s known to last longer.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

I may be totally wrong, but my understanding is that Dunlop lasts longer than Talalay because it has fewer air bubbles in it because of the way it was made. If I’m wrong, someone correct me.

Hi Mello and hi everyone else! I don’t mean to interrupt, it seems like you guys have a good conversation going, but I have some good advice about the difference in durability between Talalay and Dunlop. Dunlop is normally a bit more durable than Talalay, but it’s only about 1-2 years more durable over the lifetime of the mattress. Since an all-latex mattress is typically a 15-20 year mattress either way, I always recommend that customers make their decisions based on what they’ll be comfortable on for the next 15-20 years instead of being uncomfortable for 17-22 years.

Thank you all for your replies! This will help me on my search for a great mattress. I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thank you Mellow! Should you have more questions, please come back anytime! Good luck!