Sleeping hot and Tilting issues on Latex Mattress

Hi Phoenix,

As you may have know, I’ve a 12"latex Split-King mattress with a Foam Sweet Foam Mattress Protector/Encasement and Len-Linum Linen Sheets for bed sheets.

  1. I experience a slight Tilt while sleeping on the soft side of the mattress towards the center, the other side which is medium doesn’t have that effect, is that normal with split mattress with separate configs on both sides.

  2. I’m also sleeping hot during the night, do u think it’s cause of the wool in the mattress protector/Zipper cover or the linen sheets? Any suggestions.


Hi ashwinivin,

This would be relatively “normal” with a split configuration mattress if you are sleeping on the very edge of the softer side if it isn’t as suitable for your body type and sleeping positions as the firmer side. If you plan to keep the split configuration on a more permanent basis then gluing the two sides of the top layer together may be helpful (although you would lose the ability to change the layer on one side of your mattress only) and you could still notice the transition between softer and firmer side in the middle of the mattress (see post #2 here).

There is more about tracking down temperature regulation issues in post #2 here and the post it links to but since both wool quilting and flax linen are very good at temperature regulation and maintaining an even sleeping temperature, if you have one of the “thin membrane” types of mattress protectors that are waterproof but only “semi breathable” on top of the mattress or if your protector doesn’t provide good airflow or moisture wicking then it would be the most likely source of the problem since some of the benefits of sleeping on wool and the airflow and moisture wicking in between your body and the wool would be more restricted by the membrane in your protector.


The mattress protector is all wool and Sateen Cotton (Supima). So I’m not sure where its going wrong.

Hi ashwinivin,

If your mattress protector is a wool/cotton protector then I don’t see any obvious reasons that your mattress in combination with your sheets and protector would be outside of a temperature range that most people would be comfortable with so it may be connected to the temperature or humidity of your sleeping environment, your bedding/blankets or bedclothes, or where you are in the “oven to iceberg” range.

Flax linen is generally the best temperature regulating natural fiber for sheets. Wool is also among the best temperature regulating materials because of its breathability and its ability to hold up to 30% of its weight in moisture inside the fiber itself without feeling wet so it can maintain a drier microclimate. Reducing moisture and humidity levels against the skin (which can trap heat) will also reduce the perception of temperature that comes from higher humidity levels as well (similar to how temperatures feel cooler on less humid days than they do on more humid days) but I would also keep in mind that it regulates temperature in both directions (it’s used in different thicknesses in the desert and also in cold climates because of this) so while it may not feel “cool” … it generally doesn’t feel “hot” either but it may be a little warmer than you are used to.

Softer foam mattresses can also feel warmer than firmer mattresses because if you sink more deeply into the mattress the foam can provide a more “insulating” effect across a larger surface area of your body.


Perhaps the mere density of the latex is noticeable to you. Foam is solid, in a way, Are you used to a coil mattress with all that room temperature air collecting through the springs? I have found that the more air underneath me, the colder I sleep. An air mattress, for example, sleeps cold; putting a barrier in between me and the air with a comforter under the sheets lets me sleep a little warmer. The density of the comforter or latex would still be room temperature, but with less air, it doesn’t take long to warm up to your body temperature, at least in the spots where you lie.

Thanks for the Answers Folks, Really appreciate it!! I now got it figured as its due to additional Linen(Flat Sheet) between my wool comforter and my body. Just took that off and now its all good, liking it.

Thanks once again all!

Hi ashwinivin,

Thanks for the update … and it’s good to hear that everything worked out well.