Sleeping on the floor?


Hi Elapid,

I have certainly slept on the floor … and paid the price in pain and discomfort afterwards :).

There are some people though who believe in sleeping on much firmer surfaces and will tell you that it’s a very “healthy” way to sleep and there is some good information about it here. There are also some cultures (Asians for example) that tend to sleep on much firmer sleeping systems than are typical in the west. They also have a slightly different physiology and sleep on their backs more than people in the western world who tend to sleep on their side more and often require more “pressure relief”.

This topic also has a bit more information about firmer or alternative sleeping systems.

This topic also has more information about some of the differences in sleeping habits between different cultures.

A google search on “paleo sleeping on firm surfaces” will also bring up more information about sleeping on firm surfaces.

Coincidentally enough … another new member just posted here and is looking for an extra firm latex mattress after sleeping on the floor for 5 years.

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