SleepOnLatex company? SleepWarehouse?

I did a lot of research before I found TheMattressUnderground. I have decided on a Dunlop 3" Medium 28-30ILD Bed Topper. My main goal is to purchase a verifiable 100% latex with no added ingredients. SleepOnLatex is advertising Pure Green Organic for $319 which is a price which seems to good to be true. SleepWarehouse is advertising $350. Both have BBB of A+.

Has anyone purchased from either of these two companies?

I did call Arizona Premium which is recommended here. They do not have Med. Firm Dunlop for sale.

Hi RRobyn,

A forum search on sleeponlatex and sleepwarehouse (you can just click the links) will bring up more information and feedback about both of them but they are both reliable suppliers. The Sleepwarehouse toppers may have a higher ILD than they have listed if their density information is correct (see post #2 here for some density/ILD comparisons).


I purchased from Sleep on Latex at the beginning of the month and have been very happy with my mattress. You can see my review here:

#1 affordable organic mattress, made in USA. Our organic natural latex mattress are made for healthy sleeping suiting side sleepers, back sleepers including people with back pains. Gift yourself an elegant bed with simple choices of cotton and/or latex, both wrapped in wool padding. Bed and Wood is all about providing you comfortable mattresses and natural pillows without any mass produced foam layers.

At Bed and Wood, our organic beds are made from cotton, latex and wool; no memory foam, no green foams, no springs.

Hi bedandwood,

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I purchased both a topper and mattress from sleeponlatex.Neither felt right for us but the company was excellent to work with.Wonderful customer service

I can also commend Sleep On Latex and their excellent customer service. They always responded promptly to my questions by email, Jennifer was very patient and helpful. I purchased one of their latex topper covers but in the end I preferred the feel of my existing topper without the cover so they promptly arranged a prepaid return shipment and refunded my payment in full. An absolute pleasure to work with and I would not hesitate to deal with them again in the future.

Hi BestSleep1 and Sweet Dreams,

I’m sorry to hear that your purchases from Sleep on Latex didn’t meet your specific needs, but I am happy to learn of the excellent customer service you received from them! Thank you for sharing.