Sleepworld - a phone conversation - amazing!

So I read sleepworld is recommended here So I call them. Conversation goes like this:
Me - Do you carry all 100 percent dunlop mattress in soft feel
Them- Yes we do, let me take a look
I wait for 2 minutes…By this time I am on their web site and found the answer myself. They have none.
Them- Yes we have soft dunlop feel mattress!!!
me- Okay which model would be that
them - gives me 2 model names
me- but your web site says they are firm feel
them-no they are softer then talalay
me- no, your web says you have talalay in plush and firm but your web site says dunlop is firm feel
me- I am only asking if you have a dunlop in soft feel
them-come here try it is softer then talalay!
me- I tell them where I live so that is why I am calling you
me- just tell me if you have dunlop in soft ILDs, Do you know the ILDs or densities of your dunlop
them- no I don’t
me- I only need a soft dunlop mattress ( I repeat the same question for the nth time)
them- why do you need dunlop?
me- sorry, I made a big mistake of calling you, thank you, bye…

Hi richardb,

I will say again … soft is what someone perceives as soft.

I don’t know where you are looking on their site but if you look here they have organic Dunlop in either firm or plush.

I think you may be wise to check your approach and how you are dealing with people who may actually be interested in helping you.


I know soft differs. But I asked him about densities/ILDS and he said he does not know. This does not inspire confidence.
I am talking about same web site. He told me about 2 models on the bottom of the page and he has them listed at firm feel. He said these are the only 2 dunlop mattresses he has. He told me they are plusher then his talalay mattresses and he wanted me to drive 250 miles one way, to see them.

Hi Richardb,

With latex … density and ILD is not really important to know for a local purchase and I’m sure he knows this. Your body will feel how soft or firm a mattress feels and density and ILD information can do more to confuse people than help them. These are not “quality” specs and the softness or firmness of latex has little to do with its quality. When you are buying online then because you are building a mattress based more on “specs” without actually testing it first then density or ILD information can be more important. I should also mention that the “feel” of a mattress is subjective and a different type of softness from the softness that is connected to pressure relief which in turn is different from the type of softness which is connected to support. Each person may be more sensitive to any of these different types of “softness”. Dunlop does have a denser firmer “feel” than Talalay. They are also a manufacturer which means they can probably make custom adjustments.

Most people who are knowledgeable about mattress materials will also know that ILD information is not the only part of how soft or firm a mattress or a material “feels” and that their customers that are more exclusively focused on this one piece of information may be in over their heads and may not realize that their “soft/firm” questions may be much more commplex than they realize.


Try calling SleepEZ