Sleepy man seeking the enjoyment of sleeping again.

Hello All!

I just became a member of this site a day or two ago but have browsed this website for quite some time. You all do an amazing job in helping people. Most importantly, it seems like you care and put effort into your responses. If you could help this sleepy man find his good night of sleep, it would be greatly appreciated! So thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

To start, I want to give you some details about myself:

 - Lives alone with only me using the bed 
 - 5'8" 230 lbs. Wide shoulders, husky build w/ daily shoulder and neck pain.  
 - About 80/20 - Shoulder/stomach sleeper.  
 - Sleeps very hot with tossing and turning issues. Very light sleeper.  
 - Tracking apps say I average around 12% deep sleep / 19% REM sleep / 69% light sleep. 
 - 40-45 times tossing and turning on average per night. 
 - Tend to wake up twice a night on average 
 - Don’t remember the last time I felt refreshed in the morning 
 - Only use my bedroom for sleep and nothing else to keep good sleep hygiene.  
 - Mostly got to sleep and wake up around the same time each night and day. 

With that out of the way, let’s talk about current and previous set ups and thoughts

Current sleeping arrangements. Mattress owned for about 70 days.

 - Winkbed Softer w/ the sleep eight pro pod thermal cover on an adjustable Tempur-Pedic base. 
 - Most of the time the head is either elevated slightly or flat on the base. 
 - I use a lightweight duvet or swap out with a 25 lb cooling weighted blanket.  
 - Also use medium loft shredded foam pillows. 
 - 65-67 degree room temperature. Blackout curtains. Mini industrial fan for white noise.  

Current sleeping issues and thoughts:

 - Winkbed [b]without[/b] Eight Sleep Pod Pro thermal cover 

      - Slept hot unless I ran a diy rigged bed jet with lower room temperature which would make it sleep more temperature neutral.  
      - Good shoulder relief / Poor lower back support / Indifferent on springy surface. Enjoy the feeling of pillowtop.  

 - Winkbed [b]with[/b] Eight Sleep Pod Pro thermal cover 

      - Sleep cool, sometimes too cool at times but mostly the perfect amount of cool.  
      - Firmer feel due to the Sleep Eight cover. Wake up with numb arms from falling asleep and a little shoulder pain. Back support is about the same, however and provides the same back pain.  

Former Sleeping arrangements and issues:

 - Tempurpedic Luxebreeze Firm - (Owned for 100 days) 

      - Same base, sheets, pillows, and room temperature. 
      - No Eight Sleep cover used. Instead, I used a diy janky bedjet like option 
      - Slept very hot, no matter what I did. 
      - Rough on my shoulder and not perfect on my lower back.  
      - Was overall comfortable and enjoyed the feeling.  
      - Between the issues I faced and the price I paid, I couldn’t commit 

-[b]Unknown model of Tempur-Pedic – Owned for seven years[/b] 

      - Slept very very hot 
      - Was super comfortable.  
      - Firm until it got warm and then got quite soft but provided good shoulder and small back support and pressure relief. Roughly 10" 
      - Even with the heat, I enjoyed that for about six out of the seven years. After year seven it got too soft and that much hotter.  
      - Some kind of spring mattress – Most likely a S mattress 
      - Was somewhat comfortable as it didn’t do a good job with either pressure relief or support. It was owned and bought it off a family member. 

[b]Material needs, wants, hopes and thoughts:

 - Do not want:[/b] 

      - Air beds – Heard too many horror stories and I just don’t trust the concept 
      - All foam beds – I am 230 and would like to not have to deal with major sags early on 
      - Anything that sleeps too hot 
      - A mattress less than 10 inches – I want some appeal to the look of the mattress 
      - Preferable don’t want an all-foam core, if not necessary 
      - Incredibly basic mattress that passes potentially quality extras 

 - [b]What I need:[/b] 

      - A very comfortable bed, that has good pressure relief, especially around the shoulders and great support, especially around the midsection or small of back 
      - At minimum temperature neutral if not temperature cool 
      - Queen size or larger 
      - Something that will last at least five years 
      - Good edge support 

 - [b]What I don’t need but would like to have if it makes sense[/b] 

      - Something as soft as possible that allows for great back support 
      - Material does have to hug me but I’d like at least a little sink 
      - Softer pillow-top 
      - Something that has an elegance and have some type of tech 
      - Probably a zip off cover but that isn’t a deal breaker.  
      - More natural materials. Doesn’t have to be 100 percent though. 
      - I am open to both complete mattresses or DIY mattress, although I lean a bit toward a complete mattress. 

These are some mattresses I am looking at:

 - - OML Terra 

 - - OML Pinnacle 

 - - Mily Powercool 

 - - Magnifique 

 - - Flex Alloy 

 - - Sleep Living Napa 

Thank you all. I am looking for that ahhhhh feeling again when you are in the right bed. -James

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey James,

Welcome to TMU :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question and my apologies for the delayed response.

Welcome aboard! Thanks so much for your kind words on the site; they are most appreciated :slight_smile: . We’ll do our best to help you find a good night’s sleep and hopefully help others following your post along the way. Thanks too for the detailed analysis of your sleep history. You have put much time and effort into understanding your comfort preferences and trigger issues, ultimately narrowing down your mattress candidates to six models so far. The one detail I don’t see is a budget for your new queen size mattress. How much are you planning to spend?

The Organic Pedic Terra is a 4-sided all-latex mattress featuring a removable two-sided pillow top. It has a 12" profile and is described as having a medium comfort feel. Unfortunately, OMI’s site doesn’t provide any meaningful product specs for understanding the mattress’s durability potential. This Phoenix article, "Mattress Specifications You Need to Knowfeatures a component information checklist to help you understand the materials and construction of the mattresses you are researching. You could ask these questions via their chat or by a phone call, most mattress brands have product specialists who can answer these type questions.

OMI’s Pinnacle model is described as a 13.5" all-latex mattress with a flippable pillow top and is described as an ultra plush feel. Again, no spec details are available for further construction analysis, consider asking questions via chat or a call with a human.

The Mlily Powercool is an all-foam 11.5" two-piece hybrid mattress set that ships with an adjustable bed base. Memory foam is the comfort material paired with a pocket coil support core, and the mattress is of a single firmness, but not described as to what that feel is. Nor are any component specs offered for understanding what densities of foam, what coil firmness, or any other relevant details mentioned. The primary story here is the PowerCool’s programmable technology for the fan speeds and positioning adjustments for the bed base. If you are considering a purchase from Mlily, be sure to research their return policy carefully as their site is quite specific as to what remedies are provided by them directly and not their resell partners. Their only point of contact is a corporate headquarters’ number and email form, but try them both to get the answers that you need for any q’s.

Thanks for considering a possible mattress purchase from trusted member Magic Sleeper :slight_smile: . They are deeply experienced in the custom design category and work with all types of foams. The Magnifique model is a 15" latex hybrid mattress of a single firmness: medium. It contains gel memory foam, Talalay latex, and micro coils as comfort materials, as well as pocket coil sequential spring unit. You may find this Manifique YouTubehelpful for learning more of its construction. If you have any questions regarding their mattress, you may ask Magic Sleeper on our forum.

Thanks too for considering a purchase from expert trusted member Richmond Bedding :slight_smile: . They are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business; they specialize in the adjustable bed space and are most customer-centric. Their Flexalloy Luxe Hybrid model offers a 13" gel/ memory foam over pocket coil support core available in 3 firmnesses: soft, medium, or firm. If you have any questions regarding their mattress, you may ask Richmond Bedding on their “Ask an Expert Forum”.

The Country Living Napa model is a 16" Hybrid mattress available in 3 firmnesses: soft, medium, and firm. It features several foams and microcoils as comfort materials over a zoned pocket coil unit. While the site was kind enough to list all of the components, the spec details are not given for durability analysis. You could check in with their live chat or call them to verify the construction information. They do offer an 18 month sleep trial period (which is quite generous) and free returns.

You have quite an array of mattress types here to choose from: 2 all-latex models (Terra, Pinnacle), and 4 hybrids (PowerCool, Manifique, Flexalloy Hybrid, Napa). These would all have varying comfort and support feels. Based on your categories of “What I need” and “What I don’t need but would like to have if it makes sense”, these thoughts come to mind:

Any of these models “could be” most of what you require. Showroom visits and mattress testing would give you a better measure for comparison. Also, requesting the spec information and using the guides listed above will help determine life expectancy in terms of durability.

A material that “hugs” is more of a memory foam attribute; however, it is not a natural material. You will need to decide whether the unique pressure relieving properties of memory foam outweigh its lack of being “natural” in your sleeping environment. Both the all-latex and hybrid models should have good edge support but would present differently in feel. The Hybrid models’ pocket coil cores would offer more of a traditional edge support feel. Generally speaking, all-latex mattresses have more “edge-to-edge” surface feel without the presence of coils, a feature that those users enjoy. OMI’s site doesn’t disclose how the support core is structured, so you would want to ask them questions regarding the edge support system used (if any).

Hopefully, these side-by-side comparisons will give you thought starters for your research. It’s been awhile since your post; do you have any updates on your research to share with the forum?


Thank you for the response. I found it very easy to read and follow along. You could tell you spend some time developing the answers to your elaborate answers. I ended up going with the
Flexus Comfort
13" NATURAL Latex Mattress

King 76" x 80"

2 Free Pillows
MSRP $2860.00 SALE $2145.00

Soft - 100% Natural Talalay
Medium - 100% Natural Talalay
Medium 100% Natural Dunlop
X-Firm 100% Natural Dunlop

Super excited waiting for the bed to arrive !

With everyone’s help. this was a no brainer.

Do me right FlexusComfort - Let’s get a good quick shift with all parts intact and no damaged. Thank you!