Slight issue with Nature's Sleep KD Foundation & comparison to SleepEZ KD

I wanted to share my experience with the Nature’s Sleep Knock Down (KD) Foundation. According to the specs, i is supposed to have 16 wooden slats but if you count the slats in the photo on the website or what you receive in the box, there are indeed only 14. Nature’s Sleep either changed their design and didn’t update their specs or they are being deceiving and counting the two end-slats that are on the BOTTOM of the foundation.

Either way, the 14 2.25" wide slats create a gap that is ~3.75", above the recommended <3" gap for latex mattresses. To fix this, I did some quick math and determined that I needed 2 more slats (what do you know, that’s 16 slats!) to bring the spacing down to 2.8" gaps. So after a trip to the Home Depot for two .67" thick wood slats, cutting them to 57" long, and pilot-hole drilling, I was able to complete the assembly of the foundation. It came with 6 extra screws, the perfect amount for those 2 additional slats.

Not being able to use the nylon straps for spacing any longer, the assembly took longer as I had to measure off each gap as I screwed the slats down. The cover is similar to a fitted sheet, with an elastic band. You cannot really stretch and secure it in place so there is some billowing on the sides.

Comparison to SleepEZ KD foundation, which is made by US Box Spring (USBS): I previously had SleepEZ’s foundation but it was not tall enough for what I wanted. To compare, the USBS cover has velcro tabs on the bottom so it looks a little better than the N.S. Cover. The USBS did squeak a bit when I got into bed, likely due to the wing nuts. The NS is all screws so it has not made any noise thus far. It does take more time to assemble and a power drill is a must since you are screwing in ~66 screws. The USBS foundation did have the proper 16 slats and <3" gap though!! The assembly time for the USBS is quicker due to the wing nuts design and the slats not being screwed down. They roll out onto the frame and have velcro on the ends to hold it in place. When I stood the foundation vertically, the velcro gave way and the slats fell down so just a word of caution there.

BTW, the Nature’s Sleep Foundation is available for $200 (and even 10% off right now, which I didn’t get when I bought it).

Attached picture of the assembled Nature’s Sleep Foundation, without the cover.

Hi hapa_dude,

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and the picture … I appreciate it.

You certainly aren’t the first on the forum to mention that the distance between the slats were more than 3". I have them listed in the foundation post as a little over 3" and as far as I know they have always been like this since their current version was introduced (the gaps were wider with their previous model.


Hi Phoenix
I see that Michigan Discount Mattress (MDM) Box Springs Box Foundations In A Box has a kd foundation queen for $234 . It says that it has “42 vertical supports”. Is that overkill?
I noticed that the picture of the groupon Nature’s Sleep looked less sturdy. I just bought a sleep ez 9000 and need a new foundation but i can’t pay the $380 for the king size at sleep ez so i’m looking around for a good deal.

Hi novapbs,

The Nature’s Sleep foundation sold on Groupon is the one that is mentioned in the first post of this topic and has gaps are about 3.75" apart.

With the one that is sold at MDM the 42 vertical supports are the supports on the side of the foundation frame not the slats on top of it. It has 14 slats that they say are each 2 5/8 wide and I believe if you measure the distance between the top slats on the new Nature’s Sleep KD foundation they will still be a little more than 3" apart (about 3.3") so they are also a little further apart than the ideal which would be 3" or less (and less is better).

It would be fine for the shorter term but for an all latex mattress over the longer term I would tend to prefer a foundation where the slats are closer together and two KD foundations that I know of that meet this criteria are the SleepEZ foundation here (which is the same as the one at US Boxspring) and the Arizona Premium foundation here.

If you did choose a foundation that had slats that were spaced wider apart then you could add add some additional slats or add an inch or two of very firm polyfoam in between the mattress and foundation or use a rubberized coir bed rug like this or even something like the vinyl lattice here to increase the support surface of the foundation.