Small companies in our area for new mattress


         My husband and I have been trying to shop for a new bed for a few months.  on and off.  quite frankly the more we shop the worse it gets.  We have several large stores in our area to shop at. But the problem is they really aren't doing much to help in deciding on a bed.  We spend alot of time each time laying on these beds.  I am currently trying to find out more about memory foam beds but quiet honestly stuff I read (smelly, hot,gives out not long after using) stearing me away from them.  I have always had coil beds but they have never been the best either.  So what I would like is the name of a few small companies( I have seen you offer them to others)  in or around our area and see if we can do better this way.  Working with Sleepys and Mattress cowboys isn't the way to go I think.  Thank you  Joann J.

We live in NJ Middlesex County area…

Hi joannj,

You are certainly right about this IMO and this is one of the reasons for the guidelines here which are designed to help people avoid the worst choices and outlets and the frustration and lack of quality and value that goes with them.

There is a step by step process that may help you in post #10 here.

The better manufacturers and retail choices that I’m aware of in your area are in post #7 here.

These should help you bypass most of the confusion and misleading information … and scanning the overviews may even make you more knowledgeable than many of the people that were trying to sell you a mattress.

Finding the “experts” that have the knowledge and experience to help you make your best possible choices and that carry high quality and value mattresses can turn mattress shopping from a chore into a pleasure :slight_smile: