SmartFlex Adjustable Bases

A local mattress store just started selling SmartFlex adjustable bases. On paper the specifications [1] exceed that of the Big Four adjustable base manufacturers (Reverie, Leggett & Platt, Ergomotion, Rize) with OKIN motors rated to 1000 lbs [2]. The bases are also cheap. The SmartFlex SF-600, comparable to the L&P Prodigy LBR or Ergomotion Quest 4.0, is being sold for roughly 1k less. Since they just started carrying this brand the salesperson didn’t have an empirical sense of the failure rate or quality of these bases.

For anyone carrying these bases, do you have any hands-on experience with the failure rate of the SmartFlex brand in comparison to other well-known brands such as Reverie, L&P, Ergomotion or Rize? How would you rate the durability and build quality of this brand? In the unfortunate event that service is required, how extensive and reliable is the service network? Does SmartFlex send out technicians, or do they expect retailers to make the repairs? How easy is it to get replacement parts?


[1] SmartFlex spec sheets and SmartFlex manuals.

[2] Both the Sealy Ease 3.0 and the SmartFlex SF-600 are powered by OKIN motors. The SF-600 is rated for 1000 lbs while the Ease 3.0 is rated for 650 lbs. While both motors are equally silent, the OKIN motors powering the SF-600 are noticeable bulkier. Unfortunately I didn’t write down any product numbers for the motors. Note that OKIN themselves do not give a weight rating for their motors, so I don’t know if these weight limits are a reliable indicator of quality.

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Hi meissa.

Thanks for the question. I’m mostly commenting here in the hopes that other folks in the forum with firsthand experience with adjustable bases will be able to chime in and help you out!

A Google search brought up a few smaller mattress stores in New York and Vermont who carry these bases, as well as a few larger furniture stores across the country. I obviously couldn’t find data on their failure rate; do they offer any sort of warranty or longevity guarantee?


Meissa, thank you for the great post. Like you, my wife and I have been looking at different models made by L&P, Reverie, Ergomotion and Rize. And like you, we found a local retailer that carries SmartFlex. Did you end up purchasing the SmartFlex? If so, can you share your experience?

Our local retailer (Charleston Bedding Mattress) has been selling the SmartFlex Adjustable beds for the past 3 years with excellent results. They told us the SF-500 is their most pupular bed (it is essentially the same as the SF-600 minus the Pillow Tilt and Lumbar Support). They said the next most popular model they sell is the Malouf M-455. They formerly sold L&P, but told us since the pandemic, they’ve had so much trouble receiving shipments from L&P that they stopped selling them).

I am curious if you decided to purchase the SmartFlex. And if anyone else researching adjustable beds sees this post, please share your experience (good or bad) if you decided to purchase a SmartFlex.

Thank you Meissa, and thank you to all those responses I know we will get!


@meissa did you end up purchasing the SmartFlex?

Hey everyone,

I’ve had the SF-600 for about a year, and I’m very satisfied with my decision. I’ll go over some of my research but I’m a bit hazy on the details. I called SmartFlex before purchasing - they are easy to reach - and they confirmed they contract to a service company with a presence throughout the US. The 5 year warranty costs $50 and the 10 year $80. I take the low price as a sign of quality. The motors are advertised as rated for 1000 lbs, but in reality they are the same motors found in the Reverie bases: JLDQ-14 Okin Refined for the neck tilt and AlphaDrive 5 ADZ5 6000N ADZ5-295-100 for all other motors.

The base works perfectly and I’m enjoying features I never expected to enjoy, such as the massage and neck tilt. The lumbar lift bar has developed a slight tilt such that it protrudes further on one side of the bed than the other (about 1/4"), probably because my side has more weight. But with a mattress I don’t notice anything.

I’m less happy with the mattress I purchased. If you are going to use the lumbar lift, it is important to get a thinner mattress, under 10".

The base ships fully assembled. The legs have to be screwed in place, the base unfolded, and the power cord plugged in. There’s nothing complicated, so if you can get it into your bedroom there’s no need to pay for “white glove” handling.

Oh and the Android app is meh. It works and you can program more presets than the remote, but you have to manually connect to the base over bluetooth each time. It is made by Okin, not SmartFlex.

Thank you so much @meissa, this is so helpful!!! Getting ready to purchase the SF500 (i think it is essentially the same as SF600 minus lumbar support and minus the pillow tilt) and your review makes me feel so much better about the decision. Thank you!

I will be sure to post a review after we purchase and use it for a little while.